Kingdom of Yorkshire

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Government: Absolute Monarchy
Location: Yorkshire Dales
Area claimed: 17 square miles
Membership: 69
Date of foundation: 17 October 1986
Leadership: King Edwin III
Language: English
Currency: Gurak
Religion: Roman Catholic
Website: None


King Edwin I


The Kingdom of Yorkshire was founded by King Edwin I in 1986, he declared the village of Richmond and the surrounding area the Kingdom of Yorkshire and fully independent from the United Kingdom. After setting up a court he took control of a large building and after spending £20,000 refurbishing it he declared it the 'Royal Palace of Yorkshire', in the back he had recruited 10 loyalists and assembled a guard. After equiping them with guns a small scurmish with a British Police Officer, which had tried to arrest one man for carrying a weapon, but after defeating them in the court case he said they are for Edwin I protection and won a claim of false arrest for £450. After the development of the Royal Palace King Edwin I set up Embassys in the Kingdom of Camuria and the Queenslandic Federation, at the time the Queensland Republic. King Edwin at the age of 68 in 1991 died, leaving his son Richard to the throne.

King Richard


After taking the throne peacefully he only had a short rule for just over 2 months, when the Kingdom fell into civil war, when the supporters of King Richard fought the supporters of Prince Edwein, the younger son of King Edwin I. The civil war lasted for 58 days and after the Battle of Richmond, which was a large siege, where Prince Edwin's men took the capital, Richmond after being exiled to the Hamlet of Garston on the English borders, almost 4 miles from the capital. The battle lasted for 2 hours when Prince Edwin had a total victory and being crowned King Edwin II 7 March 1992.

King Edwin II


After being crowned King in 1992, he ended the civil war and re-stablised Yorkshire. He took the Kingdom into a long and peaceful time, selling much of the farmland that had previously been in royal hands. He fathered one son, Prince Edwin. After bringing in the tax, King Edwin II lost much of his support from the people and later in 1996 abolished the Poll tax, and brought in a car tax, to try to stop Co2 emmisions and elp the surrounding environment. It brought in much publicity and helped start people thinking about their Carbon Footprint. He died in 1999 leaving his son Edwin to the throne.

King Edwin III


King Edwin III is Yorkshires current reigning monarch and is the only monarch in Yorkshire's history to take part in an international war, after supporting Camuria in the First Misthasian War and taking part in Micro War II. He captured the provinces of East Germania and was crowned Emperor of East Germania later on. Due to lack of funding he has set a deadline that he will hand over East Germania to Camuria on 1 February 2009.


Kingdom of Camuria

Embassy building.jpg The Camurian Embassy in Yorkshire

Queenslandic Federation

Principality of South Flordia

Principality of New England