Kingdom of Yadra

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Commonwealth of Yadra
Sovereign Nation

Yadra emblem.png

Capital Åker
Monarch Her Imperial Highness Empress of Yadra the first

– Foundation 8 July 2017
– Ratified 11 July 2017
– Establishment of Commonwealth 11 July 2017

Citizens 17 (November 2017 Estimate)

– Total 0.320 km² (0.123 mi²)
– Water 290 m² (3,121 ft²)
– Water percentage ll%
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The Commonwealth of Yadra is an imperial commonwealth created by. The country was formed on the 8 July 2017 and ratified on the 11 July 2017 whe accepted her role as queen. Yadra was a federal state under the rul


The history of Yadra begins with a micronation called the Gullvivan Empire. started out as the monarch but after some time she wad abdicated in favor of Jon Eklund. A while after, in response to the abdication and Eklund's new leadership, a led a rebellion enforcing their demands, dissolving the Gullvivan Empire and establishing the Pago Republic.

After that established the Kingdom of Yadra. A day after ratifying the Constitution and becoming queen. Soon after, the Kingdom of Yadra joined the Federal Empire of Aarbaro. After 3 days unrest grew in the country and an hour long referendum was called. Three out the 4 eligable people to vote cast their votes and the independance side won with 100%. During the election there was voter fraud and 5 no votes were cast illegitimatly.

In the end Yadrani sovrainty has been recognised by Aarbaro.

After the constitutional convention of September 17 2017 a new constitution was written and adopted adding more limits to acts and empowering laws, in effect empowering the national committee. Therefore the new constitution is more democratic.

As of the third of October 2017 the kingdom of Yadra has 15 citizens.

On the 19 of November the Community of Mewniuvia and the Kingdom of Yadra joined together to form the Commonwealth of Yadra. With Yadra and Mewniuvia becoming states in the new commonwealth. A new age of prosparity is now more realistic.


The goverment mainly has 3 branches. the judiciary, the national commitee and the monarchy.

The monarch may propose laws and acts to the national commitee who may vote on if they pass. The monarch may also work in the realm of foreign policy but the national commitee must vote on ratifying treaties.

The judiciary must make sure laws and acts do not go against the constitution and they also act as the court of the nation.

The national commitee works as a parlaiment. Members can propose laws and acts which must be approved by a simple majority in the national commitee.


The Yadrani army has 9 troops and posseses weapons such as knives, high preasure water canons and makeshift rockets. However progress on the missile program as stalled.


Map yadra.png


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