Kingdom of Vicis

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Kingdom of Vicis
Leading state of the Empire of Eniarku

The State Flag of Vicis

For One, For All
Capital city N/A
Largest city Milford
Official language(s) English, Ukrainian
Official religion(s) N/A
Government Imperial-Restricted Absolute Monarchy
- King Aaron I (as the Emperor of the Empire)
Established May 29, 2009
Area claimed ~ 2.5 sq mi
Population 6,482 (2008 est.)
Currency U.S. Dollar ($)
Time zone Central: UTC-6/-5

The Kingdom of Vicis (Ukrainian: Королівство Vicis) is an Eniarkian kingdom and the leading state of the Empire of Eniarku. Originally founded as the capitol city of the Republic of Eniarku and later the Democratic People's Republic of Eniarku, it holds within it over three-fourths of the nation's citizens and most of its government buildings.

As the kingdom itself is the leading state of the Empire, the capitol city of Vicis is also the capitol of the entire nation. As a result, the current capitol is Vicis City.