Kingdom of Turpin

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Kingdom of Turpin

For Peace, Country, and Justice
Dream a Dream
British Columbia, Canada

Alaska, United States

St. Lucia, Caribbean
Capital city Turpinland
Largest city Turpinland
Official language(s) English
Demonym Turp
Government Absolute Monarchy
- King King Alan Judith II
Established September 9th, 2010
Area claimed Unknown
Population 2
Currency Judes
Time zone Atlantic (UTC-4) (Observed in St. Lucia)

Pacific (UTC-8) (Observed in British Columbia)

Alaska (UTC-9) (Observed in Alaska)
National drink Lemonade
National animal (Mammal) Mikak
National Color: Indigo

National Bird: Pigeon
National Flower: Sunflower

National Fruit: Cucumber

The Kingdom of Turpin is a micronation. It was founded on September 9th, 2010, and claims all of British Columbia and Alaska, as well as the island of St. Lucia.


The Kingdom declared independence from Canada on September 9th, 2010. Its founders, King Alan Judith II and Sir Turpin Tine, decided that Canada's government was too weak and broke off.


So far, Turpin has declared four holidays:

  • Fehl Day (August 31st)
  • Independence Day (September 9th)
  • Shaq Day (October 5th)
  • Mikak Day (December 5th)


Turpin has no allies.


Turpin claims three different entities:

  • Fehl (Formerly the Province of British Columbia)
  • Baldwin (Formerly State of Alaska)
  • Cyrilland (Formerly St. Lucia)
  • Northern Part of Antarctica(un-named at this time)