Kingdom of Totoland

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Kingdom of Totoland

Capital cityTotoville
Official language(s)Toto
Official religion(s)Towel Club
GovernmentMonarchist Diarchy
- Co-KingsChristopher I
Tomek I
LegislatureThe Monarchy
EstablishedJuly 21st, 2018
National sportCarto
Patron saintThe Towel God

The Kingdom of Totoland is a micronation founded on July 21, 2018, by Co-Kings Christopher Kimyona I and Tomek I.


The monarchy of Totoland is similar to that of Andorra. one monarch is Canadian, and the other is Eganese. The Eganese Co-King is the Governor of Egan, and is succeeded by the next Governor. The Canadian monarch is an individual named Tomek, who will be succeeded by his descendants or closest living relative.

The style of a Co-King of Totoland is: "His Royal Majesty, King __________ of Totoland"


Totos practice Towel Club. They worship the Towel God, and contemplate the Eternal Wisdom, while wrapped in a towel.


Totos speak in a Blue Accent, similar to the Heejee-Beejee Red Accent. They mostly speak with the word "Toto" expressed in different emotions, pointing to different things, etc.