Kingdom of Tomolia

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Kingdom of Tomolia
Camuria land flag.png


Coat of Arms

He Who Stands with Me Shall be My Brother
Tomolia the Brave
Capital cityNone
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Any that people wish to worship
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
Established25th March 2011 (officially)
CurrencyTomolian Stick
Patron saintSt Andrew



The Kingdom of Tomolia was established 25 March 2011 (Official Date) by His Grace King Martin Thomson, and is the first ruling monarch of Tomolia.

Tomolia is a sovereign, Independent nation, located within 1 square meter surrounding each citizens home computer/laptop, and is completely surrounded by territory of the state said citizen is situated. Tomolia being one of the smallest nations on earth, can grow to be a mighty nation with your participation.


We at Tomolia Welcome all to apply for citizenship with our easy and simple steps.

1. Login to facebook.
2. Find the Kingdom of Tomolia page.
3. Like the page.

Tomolian Royal Family

King Martin Thomson (Martin King of Tomolians)
Queen Alison Thomson

Heirs and successors

Princess Aimee Thomson (Defender of The Realm)
Princess Emma Thomson (Duchess of Princess Room)
Prince Hamish Thomson (1st son and heir to the Kingdom of Tomolia)
Princess Millie Thomson
Prince Angus Thomson (2nd son and 2nd heir to the Kingdom of Tomolia)