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Note: This article is written in Simple-English. For the full English version, please click here.

Kingdom of Theodia

Innovativeness, Industriousness, Integrity
"Tribute to Theodia"

Th Map All Info.png
Dots indicate Theodian land-claims
Capital city Lemuria
Official language(s) - Theodian
- English
Demonym Theodian
Government Federal, Repositocratic, non-Hereditary Monarchy
- Quing Sweyn78
- Minister -Vacant (Foreign Affairs)
-Javier (Military)
Legislature The Repositocratic Councils
- Type - Meritocratic, Demarchial,

Hierarchial, Multicameral,

Technocratic Repositocracy
- Number of seats - Senate: Undefined
- All Assembly Councils: Undefined
Established 2010's April 22nd
Area claimed 58 km2 Terria
0.8 km2 Mentia
Population 9 (2013 manual census)
Currency Theodian Thennar (ᚧ) (KTT)
Time zone UTC-5 (no DST)
National sport Battlegaming
National dish Lefse
National drink Cheesedrink
National animal Green anole


The Kingdom of Theodia is a small country. It is in America and the Internet. It claims Île Amsterdam. It also claims part of Florida and Minnesota.
'Theodia' is pronounced like "they-owe-dee-uh". Theodia has many ideas for government and culture.
Now, it is becoming repositocratic. Repositocracy is a new way to create laws. It is like creating computer programs for a government.
Theodia was made in April 2010. It became independent in October 2010.
Theodia has not done much diplomacy. It prefers to develop itself instead.
Theodia does not have gender, so this article does not use normal pronouns. It uses se instead of she/he; hir instead of her/his; and hirm instead of her/him.
This article was updated in June 2013.


'Theodia' comes from an Old English word meaning 'nation'.


The Kingdom of Theodia has a special Theodian culture.
Theodia does not have gender. All people are equal in Theodia.
Theodia also does not have marriage. Theodians can love as many people as they want to love.
Theodians wear special clothing. It is mostly of a mantle and a long shirt.
Theodians like to battlegame. Battlegaming is often called "LARP". It is where people fight each other with foam swords.
Theodia has its own system of measurement. It is different from the Metric and American systems.
Theodians do math differently. They use twelve instead of ten.
Theodia has its own special calendar, too. It splits the year into thirds, and has 4-day weeks.
Theodians celebrate 6 main holidays each year. There are 3 major holidays, and 3 minor holidays.
Theodians are free to believe anything they want. But, formal religions are not allowed to convert people.
Theodians speak two languages: Theodian, and English. Theodian is a made-up language.


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