Kingdom of Symkaria

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Capital: Aurora;

Population: 2776 habitants;

Form of government: Absolute monarchy;

Current monarch: HRM King Daniel I, Ruler of The Kingdom of Symkaria;

Currency: Symkars.

The Kingdom of Symkaria is an independent and sovereign nation located in Europe. It borders the Republic of Portugal from all sides. Its capital is Aurora, a small town near Tagus river. Symkaria has a resident population of 2776 habitants, but most of them are not citizens of the Kingdom and don't recognize it as an independent state. His Excellency, The King of Symkaria Daniel I is also not recognized by the inhabitants of Symkaria as their leader. Our government is an absolute hereditary monarchy, where the His Excellency, The King rules with total power over its citizens and its territories. Currently His Excellency, lives in the Embassy of The Kingdom of Symkaria in Portugal, so the government is considered a government in exile.

For any diplomatic affairs with The Kingdom of Symkaria, please contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through e-mail.