Kingdom of Suthrig

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Kingdom of Suthrig

Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Christanity, but not officially
Short nameSuthrig
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
- KingStephen I
- Prime MinisterSam Jenkins
Established3 August 2015
Area claimed29952 feet²
Population7 (since 4 August 2015)
CurrencyPound sterling
Time zone(UTC)
National sportFootball
National animalWood pigeon
Patron saintSt. Mary the Virgin

The Kingdom of Suthrig is a micronation founded on 3 August 2015. It is an absolute monarchy ruled by HRH King Stephen I.


Suthrig was founded in Surrey. In Anglo-Saxon times, Surrey was known as Suthrige, and it is from there that Suthrig got its name.


Suthrig was founded on 3 August 2015 by HRH King Stephen I. The king and his friend Luke announced that the grassy area they and their friends hung out on would be its own country, with Stephen as the King. Three other friends joined later that day, and two more joined the next day. On 8 August, the king found out that what they had made was a micronation, and on 11 August he discovered MicroWiki.

Government and politics

Suthrig is a Kingdom which is an absolute monarchy. The King holds all the power, but is very popular and listens to what the citizens say. Because Suthrig only has seven citizens (with the king included), most things are decided on through votes rather than the king giving orders. Prime Minister Sam is the King's third-in-command, but he is appointed instead of elected.

Law and order

Suthrig does not have a police force. It is the most crime-free country in the world, with no crimes having been committed there since it was founded.

Foreign relations

Suthrig is currently looking for allies. See the forums for a thread where other micronations can apply.



General Luke is the head of the military. There is no official army, but he is in charge of security.

Geography and climate

A photograph of Suthrig.

Suthrig is located in Surrey, England, between the villages of Godstone and Bletchingley. It consists of a grassy area with some trees. The climate is the same as that of England.