Kingdom of St Kilda

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Kingdom of St Kilda
Rìoghachd Hiort
Regnon de St Kilda

Flag of St Kilda

Dòchas neart agus ionracas
Gàidhlig: Hope, strength and integrity
Capital city Hirta
Official language(s) English
Short name St Kilda, Kilda
Demonym Kildan
Government Single party state
- Kaiser William Edward II
Legislature St Kildan Reichstag
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 18
- Last election - 2016-06-06-13-25-46-018944-5510522514160207961.svg
Established November 2015
Population 53
Currency The Mark
Time zone GMT+1 (BST)
National sport Rugby
National animal Brown Bear


St Kilda, officially the Kingdom of St Kilda, is a micronation located in the St Kildan archipelago in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. The nation consists of numerous islands, the capital, Hirta, is located on the largest island. St Kilda covers an area of over eight-hundred hectares and has an oceanic climate with high rainfall.




St Kilda is a dictatorship with a faux-parliament. It uses a system based somewhat on a parliamentary system, however the St Kildan government has most of its authority vested in a Kaiser, currently the nation's founder Edward II, who is both head of state and head of government. Below the Kaiser is the national legislature, the St Kilda Reichstag, comprised of eighteen seats—three for each of the surrounding islands, ten for the main island constituencies and five regional members. The Reichstag is used to introduce and debate legislation, however ultimately the power to pass or reject national laws is vested in the Kaiser. St Kilda's government, officially known as the "National Government of the St Kilda archipelago", is based in the country's capital, Hirta.

Political parties

St Kilda currently has three political parties—the ruling National People's party, headed by Kaiser William Edward II, the second largest party is Loyalist party, and the puppet party,Democratic Workers party. Currently the National People's Party (SKNPP) is in power with eleven seats in the Reichstag. It should be noted that elections are purely ceremonial and whatever the result the power will remain with the Kaiser.

Foreign relations

St Kilda is open to diplomatic relations with other nations. The Foreign Office can be contacted via