Kingdom of Sonarland

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Kingdom of Sonarland

Allah Hu Akbar
Status of a King
Capital cityEdanbara
Official language(s)English, Bangla
Official religion(s)Islam
LegislatureHouse of Piars
Area claimedTo be announced
CurrencySonar Doller
National animalRoyal Bengal Tiger Sonarland is a member of BMS,OMM

Sonarland is an independent micronation. It was founded on March 3, 2013. Its government is a form of constitutional monarchy, where the monarch's powers are limited both by a constitutional document, and by a parliament. Regarding culture,Sonarland was largely inspired by Bangladesh. As such, the main language used there is bangla, and many Bangali traditions live on in the kingdom.

Government and politics

As mentioned above, The Kingdom of Sonarland is a constitutional/parliamentary monarchy.Hafeez II is the current King . Although The King does partake in many of the ceremonies of our land, His Majesty also controls and guides the day-to-day affairs of the nation.


The Government plans to open several officially-supported companies, as well facilitate the creation of third-party companies and corporations. The standard unit of currency is the Soner Doller.


Kingdom of Sonarland has 4 banks.All 4 banks can issue VIVA credit and debit card.VIVA is a Sonarland based mironatational credit card company. The banks of Sonarland are1.Royal Bank of Sonarland (RBS) 2.Bank Al Islamia (BAI) 3.State Bank of Sonarland (SBS) 4.Agricultural Bank of Sonarland (ABS)


Rickshaw is he main public transport of Sonarland. Buses.privet car etc are also runs on the roads of Sonarland.The government issue bus card,fuel card so,people can go from one place to another place faster


The culture of Sonarland is similar to Bangladesh. Its traditional dress for boys is panjabi and for girl its shari. The main cultural programs are fair,folk music etc.Main festivals of Sonarland is Eid, Nobo BorsoTemplate:Bangla New Year etc


More than 98% of Sonarlandis speak Bengali as their mother tongue as it is the official language. It is an Indo-Aryan language of Sanskrit origin with its own script. English is used as a second language among the middle and upper classes English is also widely used in higher education and the legal system. Historically, laws were written in English and were not translated into Bengali .


The Sari (shaŗi) is by far the most widely worn dress by Sonarlandis women.. The salwar kameez (shaloar kamiz) is also quite popular, especially among the younger females, , western attire is more widely adopted. Men also wear the kurta-paejama combination, often on special occasions, and the lungi, a kind of long skirt for men.


Bengali spices are an important part of the local cuisine

The culinary tradition of Sonarland has close relations to surrounding Bengali and North-East Indian cuisine as well as having its own unique traits. Rice and fish are traditional favourites. Biryani is a favourite dish of Sonarland and this includes egg biryani, mutton biryani and beef biryani. Sonarlandis make distinctive sweetmeats from milk products, some common ones being Rôshogolla, Rasmalai, Rôshomalai, chômchôm and kalojam


There is TV channel named S.T.V. and a news paper named Times of Edanbara


Sonarland has its own armed forces, known as the Sonarland Army.

Division of Sonarland Armed Forces

Regular forces

   Sonarland Army 
   Sonarland Naval Force 
   Sonarland Air Crops

Para-military forces

   Border Guard Sonarland 
   Coast Guard Sonarland  

Civil forces and reserves

   Sonarland Ansar
   Guerrilla Battalion 

Specialized forces

   Kings Guard Regiment 
   1st Para-commando Battalion 
   Independent Royal Force
   Air Boure 
   Navy Seal
   Marine Crops


The Sonarland is the main law enforcement agency of Sonarland . It is administered under the Ministry of Home Affairs of Sonarland.Sonarland Police is divided into different branches.


   Range Police
   Metropolitan Police
   Special Branch 
   Criminal Investigation Department 
   Industrial Police
   Police Bureau of Investigation 
   Special Security and Protection Battalion 
   Armed Police Battalion 
   Sonarland Wet Cats Battalion

Season in Sonarland

There are six season in Sonarland.The seasons are [1]

(March to May) Summer

(June to August) Rainy Season

(September to October) Autumn

(October to November) Late autumn

(November to December) Winter

(December to February) Spring