Kingdom of Solaris

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Kingdom of Solaris
Reino de Solaris (Portugese)
LocationCanada & São Paulo, Brazil
Official languagesPortugese
GovernmentFederal Absolute Monarchy
• King
HM Guilherme I
• Foundation

Solaris, officially the Kingdom of Solaris (Portuguese: Reino de Solaris), is a micronation that claims territory in Canada and Brazil. It was founded in 2015 as a Federal Absolute Monarchy by Guilherme de Souza.


Amid the economic, political, and institutional crisis in Brazil in the mid-2010s, one of its citizens, Guilherme Souza, decided that something had to be done to solve Brazil's problems. As such, in 2015, he created the Kingdom of Solaris and became its first and only King to this date. Since then, His Majesty has not issued any laws nor government plans.

Reign of Guilherme I

During most of his 5-year reign, the nation was inactive, but in 2020, amid yet another political crisis in Brazil, he resurrected the country to make a statement on what Brazil should be: a Federal Absolute Monarchy, of which its constitution implies the full respect of citizens' rights, the right to life , the right of free and unlimited speech, the inalienable rights to purchase and buy firearms and other rights according to the cultural and political reality of Brazil.


The name Solaris is a reference to the title of the King, the Sun King, alluding to Louis XIV and his concept of state, which was that the King is the "sun", from which emanates all light that makes the country grow, that feeds its fields with life, that is the essential part of a functioning life and society.


The Kingdom of Solaris is a Federal Absolute Monarchy ruled by HM King Guilherme the I, who has absolute power to create and veto laws created by the Parliament, and the power to implement any sort of reform the public services that would benefit the people, the power to cancel the term of any politician and member of parliament if this same person is caught in a corruption scheme or if the King thinks he or she isn't contributing to the well being of the country and people. His kingship could be defined by the following quote:

"The state is a person, and a person is either dominates or is subjugated to the will of others, the king is the embodiment of the country, he is it's culture, music, art and traditions, and is above all political and ideological fights, as his will is the country's and the country is his".


Solaris's territory comprises of Hans Island(Canada), which is currently disputed with Denmark, and the Brazilian state of São Paulo, which is subdivided into 12 federal divisions.