Kingdom of Saxeberg

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Kingdom of Saxeberg
Saxeberg Flag.pngSaxeberg Arms.png

Certa credenda (Latin: Fight for belief)
March of the Cameron Men
Capital city Housfell
Largest city Housfell
Official language(s) English, German
Official religion(s) Secular
Short name Saxeberg
Demonym Saxebergian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Legislature Royal Council
Established 12 March 2013
Area claimed 400m²
Population 4 (as of 2013 census)
Currency Pound Sterling
Time zone (UTC)
National sport Rugby
National animal Stag

The Kingdom of Saxeberg is a micronation founded on 12 March 2013.


Saxeberg comes from the German Sachsen meaning Saxony and berg meaning mountain. Despite Saxeberg not being on a mountain it does sit on a hill.


The town of Amesbury in which Saxeberg is located was a powerful location in Saxon England being the meeting place of Parliament possibly due to its close existence with Stonehenge. In recent years Amesbury has become a large industrial-distribution area due to being on the A303 and Saxeberg makes use of this for everyday needs.

Formation period (1999-2013)

The house in which the capital of Saxeberg sits and the majority of the land was built in 1999 and the family of the King I moved in soon after. The family existed here for 14 years before the kingdom was created.

Early history

The Kingdom was created by the King on 12 March 2013 and has done a lot of work establishing the country.

Government and politics

The Kingdom is run by the Royal Council, the Monarch and Prime Minister also sit in on sessions with the 4 councilors who are appointed Knights in their first session (if not already knights or nobles). Two offices currently exist; the Home Office and the Foreign Office. The councilors are then appointed Minister and Deputy Minister for each respective ministry.

Law and order

The Saxeberg Police Force is the official body maintaining law and order within Saxeberg but with so few citizens crime is non-existant and the Police Force is a voluntary organization responding to calls out of their normal lives.


Currently Saxeberg maintains the Saxeberg Defence Force amounting 1 troop and 3 aircraft. Currently Saxeberg maintains a year-long contract with "Saxon AeroSystems" to develop a UAV for surveillance.

Geography and climate

Magpies can sometimes be seen around Saxeberg.

Weather in Saxeberg reflects that of the British Isles, being quite wet and sometimes snowy in winter and humid but fairly warm summers. The geography of Saxeberg is technically urban but extends a little way into the countryside consisting of mostly fields.


Saxeberg technically maintains no economy of its own, with all citizens being educated and working outside of the country's borders. However, Saxon AeroSystems is a promising business venture.


The Saxeberg Times deals with news in and around Saxeberg, currently maintained by the monarch the King.

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