Kingdom of Rosmuagro

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The Kingdom of Rosmuagro (A.k.a Rasmuania) is a Micronation recently set up in early 2016 Sucessor to the Kingdom of Rawstorn (2015) and the Kingdom of Carune (2014), it is Entirely Located in The Colchester Borough except for a few Overseas territories like Îles Saint-Marcouf and Aussac-Vadalle-Nanclars-Ravaud in france, its Capital is Ghoyarin (5 Houses) and is Ruled By King Len I,


It is Split into a bunch of Provinces Like

  • Droy shos
  • Mrute
  • Guyas
  • Carune
  • Gru tas
  • Piswi
  • Gerule
  • Aussac
  • nanclars
  • vadalle
  • Ravaud
  • eyuwa

which there are six Unorganized Territories

  • Hillyfields (Kazis perubla)
  • Cymbaline (Pejin joto)
  • Northern Colne (Colne Gahanatetuban)
  • South Castle (Woka Fotrisaqa)
  • Oiktanes pwu tan
  • Îles Saint-Marcouf

Official Map Still Being Worked on


Opinions of Other countries

It officially Recougnises all Unrecougnised states It wants to save Kiribati and Tuvalu It is fond of Malawi for its rainforests and fond of Republic of Congo for its Urbanization and Is Fond of Gabon for Its Richness and Uniqueness


Rosmuagro has Neutral relations with most of the Micronations Except for Enclava and North sudan who are deemed too greedy to have neutral relations and is Currently Rivaling them Is Currently At War at Stormland