Kingdom of Romania in Sarandë

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Kingdom of Romania in Sarandë
Regatul României în Saranda (Romanian)
Mbretëria e Rumanisë në Sarandë (Albanian)
24 July 2019 - 01 August 2021

Kingdom of Romania in Sarandë Flag.png
Kingdom of Romania in Sarandë Coat.png
Coat of Arms

Vom fi văzuți de lume!
Ne do të shohim nga bota!
"We shall be seen by the world!"
"Long live the Kingdom!"
Kingdom of Romania in Sarandë Map.jpg
Capital cityIorga City
Largest cityIorga City
Official language(s)Romanian, Albanian
Official religion(s)Orthodox
GovernmentDespotic Monarchy
- King2019 - 2021 Ned I
Established- Independence declared: 24 July 2019
- Disestablished: 01 August 2021
Area claimed0.0315 km2
0.01216222 sq mi
CurrencyRomanian Leu (Unofficial)
Albanian Lek (Official)
Time zoneUTC+1
Summer (DST): UTC+2
Patron saintN/A

The Kingdom of Romania in Sarandë was a nation that declared its independence from the Republic of Albania on 24 July 2019. It was created on the basis of the now defunct Romanian Concession in Sarandë. It wishes to stay separate from Albania until Romania will eventually be able to incorporate it into its own territory. Its founder and current ruler is King Ned I, who also rules the Vlasynian Despotate, thus making Romania in Sarandë a junior partner in a personal union. It joined the Union of Vlasynian States on the same day it declared independence as its fourth member, and on 10 January 2021 became one of the two base members of the Commonwealth of Vlasynian Nations and Domains, alongside Vlasynia.

The Kingdom ceased to exist on 01 August 2021.