Kingdom of Phonglia

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Kingdom of Phonglia
Official flag of the Kingdom of Phonglia
Official language English
Demonym Phonglian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Legislature Bicameral Parliament
Monarch Throne currently vacant
Lord Regent Lord Grey the Earl of Bullbury
December 10, 2009

The Kingdom of Phonglia is an incipient micronation dedicated to the values of honor, tradition, love of nature, boldness, and loyalty. The Kingdom of Phonglia claims a land holding of a small island "somewhere on the border between the United States and Canada." The location of this island is said to be classified for the Kingdom's national security. The majority of Citizens and other members of the Kingdom of Phonglia are presumed to reside in the United States or Canada.


Membership in the Kingdom of Phonglia is open to men and women age 18 or over, who do not claim membership in any other micronation.

In celebration of the foundation of this new nation, the Kingdom of Phonglia is now fast-tracking members to full Citizenship.

In order to join the Kingdom of Phonglia, you must be at least 18 years of age OR the natural child of a member of the Kingdom. Citizens of Phonglia are permitted dual citizenship only, that is, you may only be a citizen of one other national entity, presumably the (macro)nation in which you reside.


The Kingdom of Phonglia is a constitutional monarchy. The Crown is held as the ultimate authority, however all legislative, executive and judicial actions arise out of the bicameral Parliament consisting of a House of Lords and a House of Commons.


The Monarch of Phonglia (a King or Queen) is elected yearly by the Parliament. The eligibility requirement is that the candidate must be either a deceased person or a fictional character.

The current monarch is King Lewis I, known vulgarly as Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderland. King Lewis I was elected unanimously by the Phonglian Parliament on January 15, 2010.