Kingdom of Onet

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Kingdom of Onet

Official religion(s)Christianity
Short nameOnet
- KingUnknown
Established12 March 2019
Current Status: Defunct

The Kingdom of Onet is a now-defunct micronation established on 12 March 2019. Its government is a monarchy, though it is unknown who was head of state. The Kingdom of Onet was created by a group of friends to " Christians know that there are others who believe in god." By analyzing the only written account of Onet's breif history, it can be inferred that the Kingdom only lasted for a day before subsequently falling to the Kingdom of Nelm.

Brief History

In the short excerpt below, a Microwiki user by the name of Woomy describes how Onet came to be, as well as that this page was created in honor of his deceased grandfather:

"A Man known as my grandpa was in the air force and he was still alive after the wars he got older and older till one day he died and god took him and now i make this page for him and here is the history of this kingdom of Onet. On this day march 12 2019 i will make this country this is one that will help Christians know that there are others who believe in god. it started when my friends and my country fell THE KINGDOM OF NELM. It was terrible but today I now know that it is one"

Oddly enough, the entry appears to suddenly stop mid-sentence. It may never be known what was intended to be written.