Kingdom of Novograd

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The Kingdom of Novograd (рус. Новоградское Королевство) is a micronation with no lands claimed yet. Probably it will be located somewhere in Poland or Belgium in the future. (Not to confused with 'The Novgorodian Oblast'' located in Russia or the city of Novgorod.


Novograd - is a combination of the two Old-Slavic words 'Новъ (Novŭ)' - which means new and 'Градъ (Gradŭ)' - which means city/town. So the name literally means 'new city'


In the end of July 2018, Temur Mansurov, the Tsar of Novograd, wanted to make a map of how his ideal dream city would look like, and made a post on facebook about which people would be interested, so I can reserve them a place on the map. Soon enough, he made a groupchat for all people who commented on the post and many people became linked to each other and became very good friends. So then, a member proposed him: 'What if we'd bring this project into real life?', and that's how the micronation started, somewhere in the beginning of August. Then, there was a great purge of inactives in the groupchat and only the most dedicated/interested members stayed in it. Currently it has over 35 more-or-less active members. Currently we don't take any actions because the Tsar has some obstacles like not being over-18, but in August, he will start taking action.


The main goals of Novograd is to create a city-state with a new culture/architecture while maintaining the original members' cultures too. The kingdom will be ruled by a monarch, and sub-monarchs. For some decisions, we would ask the citizens about what they want to happen by democratic votes. But the monarchs will have supreme rule over the city and their decisions will matter. The economic system will be mid-left, but it will have a traditionalist-authoritarian ideology; the Tsar's ideology is National-Bolshevism. The city will be spit up in different parts; a part for Christians, a part for Muslims and indifferent parts (city center). Atheism/Agnosticism, modern heretical offsprings from Christianity and Islam like Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormonism and Ahmadiyya, and degenerate heretic religions like Satanism or Wicca will be banned options for the citizens, and will not be allowed to propagandized or preformed in any way. Also propaganda of any degenerating ideologies such as any form of Anarchism, Liberalism or any extreme forms of ideologies such as Nazism or Communism will be banned too.