Kingdom of Northpfalia

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Kingdom of Northpfalia
Королевство Нордфалия
Regnum Northpfalia

Northpfalian Coat.png
Coat of Arms

La loi et le Roi
Lex et rex
Capital cityNone
Official language(s)State: Russian
Regional: English, Latin
Official religion(s)35% Roman Catholics

47% Orthodox
6% Atheists / Agnostics

12% Other religions
Short nameNorthpfalia
GovernmentFederalConstitutional monarchy
- King of NorthpfalianDenis I
- Prime MinisterVacant
LegislatureNational Congress
- Type - Bicameral Legislature
- Number of seats - 25
- Last election - 3rd of November 2015
EstablishedSeptember 14, 2015
Area claimed~630 km²
CurrencyNorthpfalian dollar
Time zone(UTC -8)
National dishPasta with seafood
National animalEagle
Patron saintSt. John of Damascus
Dominion of United Kingdom of Erlande

Northpfalia, officially the Kingdom of Northpfalia (Russian: Королевство Нордфалия) is a micronation created on 14 September 2015. Northpfalia was a dominion of the Kingdom of Erlande, the head of state is the King of Erlande. The state is independent, has its own constitution and government.


The name "Northpfalia" comes from the words "north" and the german "phalia", meaning land.


Northpfalia - a constitutional monarchy based on parliamentary democracy. The country has a Constitutional Charter, adopted November 3, 2015. Constitutional Kingdom Charter enshrines the principles of a constitutional monarchy with a bicameral parliament.


The king is head of state, exercises executive power and legislative power jointly with the Parliament. King has dovono strong powers manipulated state, despite the fact that is both a king of another country. King (monarch) has an undeniable right to veto. King (Monarch), can veto the new law. King of Northpfalia is a Erlandian monarch, who has the title on the Rights of the dominion of the ruler. Full monarch's title is: "His Majesty God's providence and the will of the Constitutional Law of the King of Northpfalian, King of the United Kingdom of Erlande, as well as other territories and other and other and other".

The Council of Ministers and the Congress

Middle coat of arms of the Kingdom, is the emblem of the government

The Congress is a bicameral parliament consisting of the Senate (10 seats) and the House of Representatives (15 seats).The Senate has appointed King senators, the Senate can include clerics and princes, as well as representatives of the nobility. The Chamber of Deputies is elected by the population.President of the Senate is the reigning monarch, chairman of the Chamber of Deputies is elected by the Chamber itself.

The Council of Ministers appointed by the King. The Council of Ministers consists of 7 ministries:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
National Security Ministry
Ministry of Civil Control
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Agriculture and Trade
Ministry of Transport and Technology
Ministry of Finance.

Ministers may be members of the Senate or the Chamber of Deputies. They have, apart from this, the right to enter the chamber and another and must be heard when they so require. The Chamber of Deputies has the right to accuse ministers and send them to the Senate, which only one has the right to judge them.

Members of Government

Portfolio Minister
King Denis I
Prime Minister Vacant
Minister of civilian control Ivan Sushkin
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Stepan Tkach
Minister of Finance Ivan Sushkin
National Security Minister Daniel Minoransky
Ministry of Transport and Technology Vacant
Minister of health Vacant
Ministry of Agriculture and Trade Vacant


Every citizen has the right to freedom of religion. Rites of all known religions are executed freely under the protection of the law, as they do not conflict with public order and good morals. The dominant religion in Northpfalia - Eastern Orthodox Christian. The Orthodox Greek church is inseparably connected in their dogmas to the great Church of Constantinople and in every other church in the same doctrine of Jesus Christ, is inviolable observe as she Apostolic rules, canons of the ecumenical councils and the sacred tradition. The country has a diverse set of religious:

35% Roman Catholics
47% Orthodox
6% Atheists / Agnostics
12% Other religions


The official language is Russian, second English and Latin are the most important languages. English is used for documentation, as well as negotiations. Latin is the third official language, as a tribute to tradition and history.

Symbols and Flags of Northpfalia

The coat of arms is a blue round shield, surrounded by a wreath, which shows the all-seeing eye, which symbolizes God's protection, and education. Under the watchful eye of the eagle is depicted white, flap their wings, the official symbol nordfaltsev. Behind the shield located scepters, one with a "hand of justice" and the other with a gold lily. The shield is surrounded by banners in three colors: red, white and blue. Above the shield is a silver helmet crowned with a crown. two crossed cornucopia located under banners. The whole structure stands on a pedestal, on which stand Supporters, two wild man wielding banners of the King. The coat of arms is crowned with a red crowned mantle. There is medium version of the coat of arms without the mantle and chargers, which is used as the coat of arms of the Government. And also there is a small version of a shield with a crown, or surrounded by a wreath.

National and state flag - Northpfalia tricolor flag: blue, white and red, in three vertical bands of equal size. In the center of the flag shows a small coat of arms of the state, surrounded by a wreath above the shield depicts a royal crown.