Kingdom of New Victoria

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The Kingdom of New Victoria

Audax At Fidelis
Latin: "Bold Yet Faithful"
God Save The King
Capital cityThe City of Kingston
Largest cityKingston
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)New Victorian Church
DemonymNew Victorian
GovernmentConstitutional and Parliamentary Monarchy
- The KingCharles I
- The KingCharles I
- Type - Unicameral, House of Commons
CurrencyNew Victorian Pound (£)
National animalLion

New Victoria's Official Website

The Kingdom of New Victoria is a fictional, stimulant micronation that was created on 15 July 2012, and became a member state of the Micronational Cartography Society in November 2012. New Victoria exists on the planet Micras and can be found on the eastern coast of the continent Corum. Much of the leaders' inspiration for New Victoria came from the pre-union English monarchy during the Tudor Dynasty. The country is run by a Constitutional and Parliamentary Monarchy.


The Established Church of New Victoria is the only legal religion in the country. All subjects are required to show allegiance to this common faith. The Church of New Victoria is extremely similar to the macro-national Church of England. The King is considered to be the Supreme Governor of the New Victorian Church and has absolute authority on all spiritual matters. Although The King is the acting Head of the Church, the day-to-day matters are managed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, who is the top-ranking clergy member in the nation. The Archbishop of Canterbury is also responsible for saying mass in Canterbury Cathedral every Sunday.


English is the only recognized language in the Kingdom of New Victoria. Despite the countries British inspiration however, the Government excepts both American and British spellings as valid and lawful. In fact, The King himself has been known to use American English. There has been talk recently of including Parisian French as a national language. Many citizens feel that this would be a natural step, since British and French history is so intertwined. The New Victorian Parliament has denied this motion however, due to a lack of majority support for such a motion. Certain phrases and terms used in the Government are written in other languages. For example, The King's personal motto is Dieu et Mon Droit (French: God and My Right). The King also signs his name in Latin on all official state documents, as Carolvs - Rex - Novae Victoriae" (Latin: Charles, King of New Victoria).