Kingdom of New Elmhurst

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Kingdom of New Elmhurst

1st September, 2014 — 11th December, 2014

TF3.pngFascist Eagle.jpg

God Save the King, Hail the Leader
Horst Wessel Lied
Capital city Elmhurst City
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Elmhurstian
Government Fascist Constitutional Monarchy
- King His Majesty, King Joseph I
- Leader His Excellency, Eren Lewis
Legislature None
Currency Elmhurst Pound
Time zone Varies
National animal Eagle

The Kingdom of New Elmhurst is a Fascist Micronation located in North America. It was formed in early December of 2014, succeeding the former Tsardom of New Elmhurst, a Tsardom founded in 2011.


The Tsardom of New Elmhurst was considered to be the Successor state to the short lived "State of New Elmhurst". It remained an independent state for three years, before being annexed by the Sorrenian Federation. The Tsar abdicated, putting Eren Lewis in power. After being released, many members of the Tsars Government, including the former Tsar stated that the current Prime Minister, Benjamin Norris, was a power hungry man. In fact, he had messaged the Tsar, demanding that an Election for Tsar be held, so he can try and take power. On September 1st, the Tsars Government had Norris removed from office, and exiled. After a few months, Michael Thomas Brazeau left New Elmhurst. In early autumn, New Elmhurst became a Kingdom, with Joseph Kenedy as King, and Eren Lewis as Governor General.

Fascist Takeover

In December of 2014, the Governor General purged New Elmhurst, revoking the citizenship of all former Friends and colleagues of Michael Thomas Brazeau, and Benjamin Norris. The Democratic system was abolished, with Lewis declaring himself 'Leader'. The Monarchy remained, being an important cultural point to New Elmhurstians.


New Elmhurst is a Fascist Constitutional Monarchy. All power is put into the hands of the Leader, who serves as Head of Government. As a Constitutional Monarchy, a Monarch serves as a symbolic figurehead. Most Democratic institutions have been abolished, with voting for leaders being abolished. All decisions are in the hands of the leader, who can hold a referendum to see the opinions of the populace. The Leader holds all Executive, Legislative, and Judicial powers in his hands.