Kingdom of New Antrim

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Kingdom of New Antrim
Flag of New Antrim.png

Iterum Mass O'Neill dynastia (Latin: O'Neill Dynasty Reborn Again)
Hymn to the Fallen
Capital cityNeilston
Official language(s)English, Irish, Latin
Official religion(s)Christianity
Short nameNew Antrim
DemonymNew Antrian
GovernmentFeudal Absolute Monarchy
- KingCharles I
Area claimed0.09714281km²
CurrencyPound Sterling
Time zoneUTC +0
National sportFootball
National animalDog
Patron saintSt. Patrick

The Kingdom of New Antrim, more commonly known as Antrim or New Antrim is a micronation located in County Antrim, Northern Ireland(UK). Founded on 29 June 2017 by Eoin O'Neill, it became the Gaelic High Kingdom of New Antrim from 2 September 2019 to 14 September 2019 before the original kingdom was re-established.


The name "New Antrim" comes from the name of the county in which the kingdom is located.


Reign of Eoin I & Constitutional Monarchy

29 June 2017 - 25 July 2017

Reign of King-Father Michael I

25 July 2017 - 2019, 11 July 2019 - Present

Restoration of Eoin I

2019 - 11 July 2019

Restoration of Michael I & Absolute Monarchy

11 July 2019 - Present

Reign of High King Charles I & Gaelic High Kingdom

2 September 2019 - 14 September 2019/Present?

Foreign relations

The Kingdom of New Antrim has foreign relations with Alaurentia and the CIFE, as well as being present on Reddit.