Kingdom of Neptune

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The Kingdom of Neptune or Neptune is in north west Europe. It was formed by the Apollain King Reginald I,  the first King of Neptune. It was part the Kingdom of Apollo. The HM Government passed the Kingdom Of Neptune Act 1910 to create the new kingdom. It was formed on 1st January 1910 for the first King of Neptune. HM The King Henry I want to form another kingdom because Apollo was successful in 10 years. The two Kingdoms have remained allies.

Kingdom of Neptune
Capital Porth
Official Language English
Enthic Groups White
Demonym Neptunain
Monarch John I
Legislature Parliament
Law Neptunain Law
Formation 1st January 1910
Population 222 Cenus 2009
Currency Neptunain Pound
Time Zone UTC & NST


HM The Government is the Government of The Kingdom of Neptune. The head is the Sovereign. The HM Government Buildings are based in the capital of Porth. The HM Government is made up with six different departments. The Sovereign appoints and dismisses the Heads (Secretaries of State) of each department.

HM The Royal Council

HM The Royal Council of Neptune has the sole authority and responsibility for the Kingdom. Members assists and adives the Monarch on legislation and policies. In the Council the are 10 seats. When the Monarch appoints a person to be in the Council, they receives a Peerage and are entilted to add the suffix RC after their name.

Members of HM The Royal Council are:

1. HM The King Monarch

2. HRH Queen Elizabeth RC Consort

3. HRH Prince Richard RC Heir Apparant

4. The Earl of Poles RC Sovereign's Private Secretary

5. The Countess of Mazely RC Secretary for Home Affairs

6. The Earl of Reddington RC Chancellor

7. The Viscount of Wadding-Bridge RC Secertary for Foreign Affairs

8. The Viscountess of Marlowquay RC Secretary for Environment

9. The Countess of Shieldway RC Secretary for Defence

10. The Earl of Venetly RC Royal Head Judge

HM The Royal Court HM The Government's Department responsible for enforcing Apolloian laws and with the HM Royal Council making, amending and passing Acts.

HM The Treasury HM The Government's Department responsible for econmic policies.

HM The Home Office HM The Government's Department responsible for internal affairs, for example education.

HM The Foreign Office HM The Government's Department responsible for external affairs and promoting Neptune aboard.

HM The Environmental Office HM The Government's Department responsible for environmental issues and National Parks.


The culture of Neptune


The official language of Neptune is English, which it descended form Old English.


Neptune is mostly an atheist state but there are some religions which are Christianity, Catholic and Quakers. In The Neptunian Constitution it states that, religion is prohibition and cannot have any influences in HM The Government and State matters. This is why the Monarch does not have the style By Grace of God in their title.

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