Kingdom of Monmark

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Kingdom of Monmark
Flag of the Kingdom of Monmark.jpg

Constituent Country in Monmark
Founded20 June 2020
Area.41 Square KM
Emperor/High King of MonmarkHM High King David Augustus I

The Kingdom of Monmark is a constituent country of Monmark, with special status compared to other constituent countries, in that it gets special privileges due to being a successor state of the original Kingdom of Monmark.


Constituent Countries of Monmark were established on 20 June 2020, replacing Provinces, of which there was only ever one, called Bluff Province, which was succeeded by the Kingdom of Monmark, with the Monmarkian monarch becoming King and later High King.


The government of the kingdom is an absolute monarchy, led by the High King and the First Minister, both posts are in personal union with the Imperial Throne and Grand Chancellor office respectively.


The Kingdom is divided into three crownlands, which serve as provinces, as well as serving six municipalities.


  • Grand Duchy of Vellmark
  • Archduchy of Kaiserstadt-Koenigstadt
  • Duchy of Yarrow