Kingdom of Lopezia

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As the creator of this page and micronation I simply wanted to delete this as I do not want the page to exist any longer.

(LEGAL NOTE: "King" Col would like to note that Micronationalism is not the same as rebellion, nor expression of true beliefs. He notes this as he is running for Political Office in the United States.)

Kingdom of Lopezia
Flag of Lopezia.jpg

Coat of Arms of Lopezia.png
Coat of Arms

Love All Life
Capital cityLopezia
Official language(s)English (De Facto)
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy (De Jure) Absolute Monarchy (De facto)
- KingCol
- King ConsortTony
- Speaker(Vacant)
LegislatureAdvisory Council (Advisory Only)
- Type - Unicameral
EstablishedMay 20, 2017
(1st Constitution)
 ??? ??, 2019
(2nd Constitution)
Area claimed620,200 sq mi (1,610,000 sq km)
CurrencyUS Dollar
Time zoneUTC -5/-4 (Eastern Standard Time)

Lopezia, officially the Kingdom of Lopezia, is a micronation located in mostly Antarctica, specifically Marie Byrd Land; they also claim a 10 cubic feet area that surrounds the Monarch at all times, moving with the Monarch. The Kingdom is the successor to many nations and is under a transition period after a Soft Coup by King Col in April 2019. The first constitution having been put into place, when the Kingdom was founded on May 20, 2017


The Kingdom of Lopezia name comes from the Surname of the Royal House of Lopez. The name Lopez is of Spanish Origin, originally meaning "Son of Lope", Lope itself being a Spanish Surname which came from the Latin Lopus, meaning wolf.


Foundation, and Inactivity

The Kingdom of Lopezia was founded on May 20, 2017, under its first constitution. Ruled by Co-Monarchs, King Col and Queen Sama. King Col would attempt diplomacy (forming an informal friendship with Molossia), but the Kingdom would quickly be forgotten as the Monarchs focused on each other, later they would break up, remaining Friends and officially still sharing power over the forgotten nation.

Abolition of Original Constitution, and Revival

In April 2019, still friends with Queen Sama, King Col stripped the Queen of her citizenship and granted it to his long-distance boyfriend of 1 year & 221 days, Tony. King Col would host a referendum to abolish the old constitution and create a new one; with two votes voting yes the transition period began.

Referendum to Abolish the Old Constitution, and grant King Col the ability to write a new Consitution April 17, 2019
Option # of Votes % of Votes
Yes (New Constitution) 2 Votes 100%
No (Old Constitution) 0 Votes 0%


The Kingdom of Lopezia is a Constitutional Absolute Monarchy under the rule of the Royal House of Lopez. The reigning Monarch holding Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Powers, with other members of the Royal Family holding authority over non-royal citizens of the Kingdom. The Monarch and Monarch Consort may also appoint citizens to the Advisory Council; which has the power to suggest Legislation to the Monarch. In order to make communications between the council, and the Monarch easier the council elect a Speaker to relay messages, and chair meetings of the council.

First Constitution (Abolished)

  • Article 1: The Co-Monarchs have complete Executive, Legislative, & Judiciary Power. However, are unable to change this Constitution without a referendum to pass the proposed Amendment.
    • Section 1: The Co-Monarchs are to be chosen in this way: the 1st is chosen by their predecessor (or founds the nation) & the second is any lover of the 1st monarch
      • Part 1: If & when the 2 monarchs marry they are to be crowned Emperor/Empress
      • Part 2: Both can make unilateral decisions.
  • Article 2: An Advisory Council is an option of the Monarchs. Consisting of any number of citizens appointed by 1 or both monarchs
    • Section 1: The members of the council serve at the monarchs luxury
    • Section 2: During the time that there is <300 citizens the Speaker of the Council is chosen by the members of the council. However, >300 citizens Speaker then becomes an elected office
      • Part 1: 6 month terms
      • Part 2: Elected in a Single Transferrable Vote System
      • Part 3: Nonpartisan Position
  • Article 3: To become a Citizen you must either be granted citizenship by 1 or both monarchs or submit an application on the website.
    • Section 1: 1 or Both monarchs have the power to veto application, suspend citizenship, or revoke citizenship for any & all reasons
  • Article 4: All individual citizens have the freedom to do as they see fit, & moral. However, 1 or both monarchs can choose to outlaw any act they see to be unfit, or immoral.

Second Constitution

Currently under development, after the First Constitution was abolished in a Referendum. King Col, plans to make the new Constitution far more detailed than the first. It shall lay out, more clearly, the powers of the Monarch, Royal House, and Advisory Council as well as guarantee rights to the Citizens of Lopezia. You may watch as the King creates the constitution here Lopezian Constitution.

Article 1 of the new constitution establishes the Royal House of Lopez's authority and the powers of the Monarch. Listing the titles to be used by the Royal House, and establishing the line of succession to the Lopezian Throne.

Article 2 establishes the Advisory Council, the advisor's oath of office, the office of Speaker, and the Lopezian Pledge of Allegiance.

Article 3 states the rights, and freedoms of the Lopezian people. Based largely on the UN Declaration of Human Rights, with adaptations to allow for the absolute powers of the Monarch and Authority of the Royal House.

Royal House of Lopez

The Royal House of Lopez is the reigning Royal Family, the Head of the Household is determined by Absolute Primogeniture and so is the monarch; with the crown passing to Monarch Consort's if needed. The Royal House is defined as King Col, King Consort Tony, and their descendants (adoptive, biological, etc. are all considered equal for this qualification with the exception of Foster members are disqualified from becoming Reigning Monarch).

Line of Succession

  • King Col
    1. King Consort Tony

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