Kingdom of Legonia

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Kingdom of Legonia

Ad gloriam et victoriam
God Save the King
Planet de toys (Planet of the Toys)
Capital cityNew Brickton
Largest cityNew Brickton
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- KingKing Philip I
- Prime MinisterJason Kent
- PresidentJoseph Enton
EstablishedLegonian Tribes Established;25th December, 2010. Kingdom Established; 5th November, 2014
CurrencyLegonian Pound
Time zone(Legonian Standard Time) LST

The Kingdom of Legonia is a Micronation located on the 'Planet of the toys'. It is an interesting micronation in the sense that it is completely populated and run by Lego Minifigures. It is administered as a Constitutional Monarchy, with a King ruling as head of state.


Original Tribal Society

In 2010, most of the small, squabbling tribes of Lego minifigures had united together out of desperation. Most of the other toys in other places where forming Nation states, and fighting over the unclaimed land that the Lego's had lived on. Chief Han of the Yellow Tribe was chosen by the provisional council to lead as Chief of the new Lego Tribe. Under his administration, negotiations with the growing Tan and Green Empires went underway, establishing an independent area for the Lego's to live.

Green Invasion and Occupation

When the first Toy War erupted, the legos where right in the middle of the Tan and Green empires. The Greens launched a major offensive, taking the Lego tribal area's with little to no opposition. Chief Han was forced to surrender the tribe to the Green Empire, and go into house arrest. For the next three months, the Green Empire kept the Tribe under occupation.

Tan Attack and takeover

In the summer of 2011, the Tan Empire launched a counteroffensive against the Green Empire, taking over many of the border states that separated the two countries, including the Lego Tribe. Much of the Tribal capital, bricksburg was reduced to rubble by the fighting. Tan Emperor Tanrickson I put into effect a series of decrees, giving re-building jobs to many of the Lego tribals. Within a couple of months the city was well on its way to being rebuilt.

End of the first toy war

In fall of 2011, Green and Tan ambassadors met in Bricksburg to negotiate an end to the war. Eventually, a treaty was settled upon. Much of the Lego tribe was given to the Tan Empire, with some of it going to the Greens.

Lego Revolution

Growing sick of foreign occupation, the Legos wished for independence. The Lego Independence Party was founded, and they began stockpiling weapons to launch their revolt. It took a year of fighting, but the Lego Tribals where able to fight both the Tan and Green Empires off, mostly through guerrilla warfare.

Establishment of Legoland

The newly independent land was declared the Republic of Legoland by the leaders of the Revolution, and was put under a Provisional Military Government. After a few weeks, elections for President where held. A revolutionary leader, Thomas Mint was elected as President and sworn into Office on Christmas of 2012. For the next year, Legoland functioned as a Republic, with elections happening every four months.

Outbreak of the Second Toy War

The Tan Republic, a state that had come out of the Tan Revolution had been growing increasingly Imperialistic, swallowing up neighbor states. It set its eyes on the Republic of Legoland. On Christmas of 2013, it launched an attack on Legoland, triggering the Second toy war. Coming in defense of its ally, the Green Republic declared war on the Tan Republic. The Grey Kingdom declared war on the Greens, and eventually the entire war was engulfed in war. The Tans forced the Legolandians into exile, sending their entire race on the run.

Nationless times

The Lego's wandered for about a year, leaderless and Governmentless. Travelling through the wartorn small countries, they eventually made their way into the Barland, an unoccupied, uninhabited land. Making their way onto a large mountain, they established the Kingdom of Legonia.

Kingdom of Legonia

The Kingdom of Legonia was founded by the remnants of the Republic of Legoland citizens. Far away and high above the fighting Green and Tan empires, the Legonians found a place to call home. The people chose Philip I, a direct decedent of the original Chief Han.


The Kingdom of Legonia is run as a Constitutional Monarchy. The head of State is a king. He has no official power, and serves as a figurehead. The Head of Government is the Prime Minister, who is able to approve of acts passed by Parliament. Parliament is run by the president, who is elected by the Parliament. Currently, the head of state is King Philip I, the Prime Minister is Sir Jason Kent, and the President is Joseph Enton.


The Legonian Military is broken up into 3 divisions. The Royal Gaurd, the Legonian Defense Force, and the Legonian Police. The Royal Gaurd is in charge of defending the King during speeches, parades, etc. It numbers as 3 currently. The Legonain Defense Force is tasked with defending the Nation from foreign invaders. The Police are tasked with keeping law and order alive inside the Kingdom.


The Kingdom of Legonia is located on the top of a Mountain. It is mainly mountainous.



The main language in Legonia is English, with most people speaking English. Both Latin, Arabic, and German are growing Languages, with the Royal Government showing an interest in establishing its own Language.


With the Freedom of Religion being guaranteed in Legonia, Religious beliefs are wide and varied. With Christianity and Islam being the largest, smaller Religions like Hinduism, Sikhism, and Buddhism are slowly growing in prominence, with the construction of a Buddhist temple underway in New Brickston.


Legonia is a Free Market economy, with little to no Government regulation on Business. Most National income comes from trading with small border nations.


Party Name Emblem Short Name Leader Position Colour Seats
House of Commons House of Lords
Legonian Conservative Party CONS.png Conservative Party Michael Phek Conservative Green and Blue
6 / 20
3 / 22
Legonian Communist Party Com.jpg Communist Party Lenoid Yelst Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Red and Yellow
2 / 20
0 / 22
National Fascist Party Fascs.png NFP Ben Hornstein Ultra Nationalist Third Positionism Black
5 / 20
2 / 12
Labour Party Labour.jpg Labour Jim Lenz Liberal Socialism Red
3 / 20
5 / 22
National Socialist Movement Naz.png National Socialist Heinz Lewis National Socialism Red and Black
0 / 20
0 / 22
Independent Candidates Independant Canditates.jpg Independent N/A Varies Grey
2 / 20
10 / 22