Kingdom of Lanaa

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The Kingdom of Lanaa is a constitutional monarchy in northern Illinois, United States of AmericaThe Kingdom of 

The Constitutional Monarchy of Lanaa
[[File:Lanaaflag2.jpg|]] 30px

ad majorem Dei gloriam
Largest cityHylatopia
Official language(s)English

French Spanish Mandarin

Official religion(s)Christianity *All religions accepted*
Short nameKingdom of Lanaa
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- High KingOctavius I
- Prime MinisterBen Theo

Lanaa ​​​was founded in 2010, by King Octavius I, but later was dissolved, only to be rebuilt in 2014. The Constitutional Monarchy of Lanaa has been involved in a few conflicts in the past, but maintains peace whenever possible, and is open to all diplomatic relations, except with micronations identifying as communist states. 


In 2010, King Octavius decided to create his own nation. He soon learned of the Micronation community and became involved. He established three fiefs in his neighborhood: Hylatopia, Murpheytopia, and Goldtopia. The King and his growing nation built many tools, weapons, and crafts, establishing a national culture. Goldtopia became home to a small farm. Hylatopia housed a workshop. Eventually, the nation ran out of space, and King Octavius decided more land was needed. He asked his friends to join with him, but they would not surrender their property, so war was declared. The War of Resistance lasted a few days, and was fought between the members of the Lanaar army and the three brothers who lived in the contested land. The Kingdom of Lanaa was better equipped and much better equipped, so in the end, the brothers relented. No casualties were sustained in this war, but King Octavius injured when he was struck on the head by an enemy wielding a tree branch. When the war was over, Imaitopia was added to the country. It had now established its military power and was ready to be a strong nation. King Octavius appointed Ben Theo as the Prime Minister, Lord Jack as the Minister of War, and Lord Griffin as Minister of Domestic Affairs. Lanaa began networking and talking with other nations, but it wasn't long before the nation collapsed. It lay dormant for nearly two years, before being resurrected on April 12, 2014.

When the Kingdom of Lanaa was resurrected in 2014, a new constitution was drafted and two laws enacted. Then, a former member of the Kingdom started his own Micronation, the Chicagoland federation. King Octavius declared war on the Chicagoland federation in order to maintain his land, which he was afraid of losing. After a day at war, the conflict was ended by the Hyland-Murphy truce. No battles took place during this war.

Government Structure and Policies

The Kingdom of Lanaa is a constitutional Monarchy. The original constitution was written shortly after the founding of the country, but it was thrown out when the country was revived. The head of state is the High King. At this time, the High King is King Octavius. Surrounding the king is the Circle of Ministers, and everyone else is given a vote in the general assembly. The Prime Minister is given the power to write laws, though they must get a 3/4 vote in the assembly. The Prime Minister can also appoint and dismiss the other ministers and create new minister positions, should they be necessary. Finally, the Prime minister is given the power to direct foreign affarirs including diplomacy, but excluding war. The Minister of War is charged with the defense of the country. He is the commander-in-chief of the army, and has jurisdiction over it. He also has the power to declare war, with the King's consent. The Minister of Domesic Affairs can propose laws and is in charge of passing economic policies, which must be ratified by the other ministers before going to the king, but are not subject to a vote in the assembly. The King has the most power of any government official. He can strike down any law, propose law, pass executive orders (but is limited to 2 every quarter), and appoint a Prime Minister. He cannot, however, pass laws without a vote from the assembly and he cannot pass economic policies without the votes of the ministers. He must ask the Minister of War for a declaration of war, but if he is refused, he can override the Minister of War. The King can also put in place new government organizations without a vote, such as the post office, which was added to the Minister of Domestic Affair's jurisdiction.


The Kingdom of Lanaa recognizes several official languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Mandarin
  • German

English is the primary language, which is spoken by all members. French is the second most common, followed by Spanish. Mandarin and German are unspoken in Lanaa, but are recognized nevertheless.


The Kingdom of Lanaa uses the Quaar as its unit of currency. The Quaar is worth approximately 1.667 U.S.  Dollars. Unlike most currency today, the Quaar is not unbacked. At any time, a bank must be able to back all its money with quartz and any person can exchange his/her currency for quartz, as per the Value Act of 2014. The Economy of Lanaa is capitalistic. The government maintains a mostly lasaiz-faire policy when it comes to economics, though some regulations are in place. 

Its exports include weapons, hand-made crafts, and foodstuffs. Though the nation has no policy against imports, it has not yet imported any goods from other Micronations. Lanaa has a very inefficient tax policy. Tax collection is run by the department of mail. Income taxes are collected weekly, at a flat rate of 1.5%.  

In Lanaa, bailouts and stimulus plans are illegal, however bailouts for banks or other industries are excepted during times of crisis.  


The Kingdom of Lanaa is open to diplomacy with most countries. There are a few requirements, but in general, Lanaa is a friendly, welcoming country. In order to enter in diplomatic relations with Lanaa, you must:

  • Have realistic boundaries and territorial claims
  • NOT claim to be recognized by a macronation (unless you actually are)
  • NOT participate in cyber-wars (actual wars are fine, and cyber-embargoes or other diplomacy is fine)  
  • We do not negotiate with terrorists
  • We do not negotiate with countries that identify as communist

The Kingdom of Lanaa has a strict policy against cyber-wars, but is open to all forms of cyber-diplomacy. We believe that having a physical micronation is only half of running the country. The other half is networking and communicating with other micronations.

List of Diplomatic Actions:

  • Declared war on the Chicagoland federation on April 13, 2014. This declaration came directly from the King as an executive override. *note: this is not a cyber war.*
  • Applied for admittance into the Micronational Defense Command on April 13, 2014.
  • Ended the war against the Chicagoland federation on April 14, 2014, with the signing of the Hyland-Murphy truce.

Laws passed during the 2nd reign

  • Value Act of 2014 was passed as an executive order on April 12, 2014. Required banks to back all bills with quartz and be able to exchange bills for quartz at any time.
  • The Anti-Cyberwar Act was passed as an executive order on April 13, 2014. Prohibited the country from declaring or acknowledging cyberwars.

Notable Lanaar Citizens

  • Ben Theo: 1st Prime Minister of Lanaa. Lord of former fief, Goldtopia. 
  • D-Topes: Current Minister of Domestic Affairs. Recognized for excellence in economics.
  • King Octavius I: High King of The Kingdom of Lanaa. Founder of Lanaa.
  • Julius (aka Jack Murphey): Former Minister of War (2010-2012). Current King of Chicagoland federation

Citizenship Grants

Citizenship is granted to most people who apply, regardless of location. One can apply by sending an email to King Octavius or contacting him through MicroWiki  He has executive control over citizenship grants. The applicant can be involved in another micronation and still recieve citizenship, as long as his/her micronation is not in violation of Lanaa's diplomacy policies (see above). If the application is accepted, the citizenship card is then emailed to the applicant, and  the applicant becomes a full citizen, with all the rights of a Lanaar citizen. For more information, contact King Octavius.