Kingdom of Ladoland

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Kingdom of Ladoland
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“გაანთე მი ტმი” (Shine into my darkness)
Brighten up our darkness
Capital cityNot specified
Official language(s)Ladolendic, Georgian, English, Turkish, Mongolian
Short nameLadoland
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
Established31 January 2016
Population10 official citizens
CurrencyLadolendic Kurona(de jure) Georgian Lari (de facto)
Time zoneGMT+4
National animalBearded Dragon

kingdom of ladoland

Kingdom of Ladoland is a micronation within the Republic of Georgia, claiming no land but a desk and a house. Ladolanders support Georgian territorial integrity. Ladoland has a king and two queens. It is a constitutional monarchy, with a prime minister, elected once every year. The highest legislature is The Grand Kings Council, consisting of the King, queens, prime minister and the CEO head of kings administration. The main purpose of Ladoland is to bring joy and happiness into citizens' lives.

Foreign Relations

Kingdom of Ladoland recognizes all UN member states+ Vatican City and British Empire