Kingdom of Kivaria

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Königreich von Kiyern
Flag FlagCoat of Arms Coat of Arms

Gott erhalte Max den Kaiser.
Capital cityKirsbürg
Largest cityKirsbürg
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Lutheran
GovernmentParliamentary Monarchy
- KingWilhelm I
- Prime MinisterVacant
LegislatureHouse of Lords / House of Subjects
- Type - Nobility / Elected Subject Officials
Established31 October 2018
Population5 census pending
National drinkCoca-Cola

Coming Soon

The Kingdom of Kivaria or more commonly known by its short name, Kivaria is a self-declared nation or more commonly known as a micronation to foreign observers. Kivaria was founded due to the Kir Islands seceding from the Kingdom of Auvenum.


Kivaria was a name that is similar to Bavaria. Maximilian I decided that it mean't "Kaiser's land". People who live in Kivaria are called "Kivarian" or "Kiyern". Many other micronations have a nickname for this nation. Auvenum called it an "Empire", Rhodesia calls it "Brotherland".


Kivaria was founded on October 31, 2018, in response to The King of Auvenum's IP snooping of Aenderian Officials. Maximilian I declared himself as the 1st Kivarian King and then abdicated in favor for one of his aliases.

Pre History

Kivarian's Territory of Coronation Island where the capital Kirsburg lies, was originally a territory of Lilylandia. Lilylandia later formed into the Germanic Federation which dissolved a week after it's creation. Maximilian I of Lilylandia later stated he would be back, and that the micronationally cadet branch of the Haus von Meister would be back, and so it was. The House of Schroeder was formed and has held two titles so far in the first month of its existence.

War of the Kivarian Succession

After Kivaria split from Auvenum, Auvenum was persistent to keep all their territories and did not want to surrender any of their territories. Auvenum started to overreach their boundaries, even going as far as saying Kivaria did not exist. Gilzem then struck a deal with Wilhelm I, Auvenum got 2 medium sized islands, while Kivaria (Kir) got 2 small islands and 1 big island. The conflict quickly came to a close in a state of temporary peace.

Dissolution and Annexation

On November 20, 2018, Rhodesia annexed Kivaria into the newly formed Republic of Rhodesia. Once Rhodesia annexed Kivaria, they formed the Unrecognized Nations. They then signed a treaty saying that no one may have claim to the Kir Islands. However, the treaty came a few days after the Auvenese official reclamation of Kivaria, thus legally defeating the purpose of the treaty. Coronation Island was annexed into Rhodesia and the three islands which formerly belonged to Auvenum rejoined the Kingdom of Auvenum once again as a temporary region known as "Reclaimed Kivaria" which until the next election, has no seat in Parliament.

On the 3rd of October 2019, Kivaria and the Shortlands united under the Shortish Empire.