Kingdom of Jericho

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Kingdom of Jericho

Southern California
Official language(s)English(de facto)
Official religion(s)Freedom of Religion
GovernmentConstitutional Reoresentative Democratic Federal Monarchy
- Council of StateCaesar Ronnie Mendoza
- Council of GovernmentVacant
- High CommandVacant
Established8 August 2017
CurrencyUS Dollar


The government of the Kingdom of Jericho is established by the Constitution of the Kingdom of Jericho.

Head of State

The Head of State of the Kingdom of Jericho is the Council of State. Composed of three members: Caesar, Kaiser, and Tsar.

Head of Government

The Head of Government of the Kingdom of Jericho is the Council of Government. Composed of seven members: Supreme Chancellor, Governor of Jericho, President, Prime Minister, Premier, Chairperson, and First Minister.


The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Jericho is the High Command. Composed of seven members: Caesar, Kaiser, Tsar, Governor of Jericho, General of the Army, General of the Air Force, General of the Special Forces.

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is the Branch of government recognized as the head of the country where policies are discussed and laws are discussed and signed into law. The Executive Branch is the Council of Lords. Composed of nine members: Caesar, Kaiser, Tsar, Supreme Chancellor, President, Prime Minister, Premier, Chairperson, and First Minister.

The Council of Lords is advised by the Assembly of Advisors composed of nine advisory bodies: 1. Board of Advisors 2. Committee of Advisors 3. Council of Advisors 4. Cabinet 5. Council of Ministers 6. Board of Ministers 7. Committee of Ministers 8. Assembly of Ministers 9. Council of Secretaries

Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch is composed of 3 Houses and a Supreme House. The Supreme House is Congress. Congress is composed of the leaders of the three houses and the Executive Branch, High Command, and the Governor of Jericho. The three houses are the Council of Ruling Families, Senate, and House of Representatives.

Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch is composed the the Supreme Court of the Land. The Supreme Court of the Land is composed of two lesser federal supreme courts: The Court of Justice and the Constitutional Court.