Kingdom of Harenfall

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Kingdom of Harenfall (eng)
Kongeriket Harenhall (nor)
Motto: 'Peto amore gloriae in patria
Anthem: '
Largest cityJarlensburg
Official languagesNorwegian, Danish, English
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• King
Jeffrey I
Henry MacLean
Establishment26 September 2009
• Census
CurrencyNorwegian Crown

The Kingdom of Harenfall is a Feudal Monarchy bordering Norway in its main region, and America and Denmark in other regions.The Cabinet of Harenfall was officially created September 26, 2013. Within a day multiple Barony's and Duchy's where created by King Jeffrey I to to establish a noble population in Merrilea. On November 26, The 1st Baronet of Birk, The 1st Count of Storwick, The 1st Marquis of Oslen, The 1st Countes of Skipersvika and The 1st Duchess of Nyborg, where made Temporary members of the cabinet, the official election taking place 5 December 2013. After weeks with no diplomatic relations, the Unironic Empire and Harenfall began diplomatic talks. After that more diplomacy has taken place. The King himself, with help from mebers of the Royal Council established 24 titles from September 2013 - May 2014, and most of the titles have been given out. 02.05.14 The Kingdom of Robutania was founded. being only 4 Kilometers away from Harenfall and being founded by Jeffrey I´s sister, Duchess Therese of Nyborg.

The Nobility in Harenfall is the ruling class in the country, as well as being a priviliged social class in the country, every nobleman has the right ask to join the Royal Council. The nobleman/noblewoman in a region can control the citizens whereabouts, and a person without a title cannon leave a region without permission from the local nobelman/noblewoman.

The Royal court consists of men chosen by the king, to advise and company the King. the official residence of the Royal Court, is at Jeffborg Castle. Official members of the court are: Henry MacLean, Count of Storwick, Theresa, Countess of Christiansand, Edwin Møller, Jeff MacLean, Count of St.Hansa

The Kings goverment consist of the Geheime Council (geheime Raad). The Geheime Council memebers are elceted by the King of Harenfall. and they retain the position until they die, resign, or get sacked.