Kingdom of Haldia

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Kingdom of Haldia (eng)
Haldiya Krallığı (tur)
Regnum Haldia (lat)

Flag of haldia.png
Coat of arms

"Non Adorabis" (Eng: We do not bow)
"Fortis Sicut Leo"
Actively controled regions. (dark blue)
Inactively controled regions. (blue)
Regions that rightfully claimed of Kingdom of Haldia. (light blue)
Capital cityCanca
Largest cityCanca
Official language(s)Turkish, Latin
Official religion(s)Christianity, Islam
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
- KingEmrecan I
- Prime MinisterAli Yılmaz
LegislatureSenate of Haldia
Established18th July 2016
CurrencyTurkish lira (de facto)
Time zoneGMT +2
National sportChariot Racing
National animalLion
Patron saintSaint Augustinus

Official Website

Kingdom of Haldia (Turkish: Haldiya Krallığı, Latin: Regnum Haldia) is a micronation located in Gümüşhane, Turkey. Haldia consists of a farm and some buildings, ruled by King Emrecan. The state is under the control of the House Gabras.


Haldia is one of the oldest names of Gümüşhane. It is believed that the name Chaldia was created by Emperor Constantine VII, but some historians claim that the name came from the Arartian Supreme God Haldi.



Haldia's history dating back to the pre Roman era. It is known that Haldia hosted many cultures and tribes before Roman Empire such as Hittites, Celts and Chalybesians. They are mostly known as barbaric people and they were Polytheists. Because of the tribal life and lack of discipline, they were going to be defenceless against the Roman invasions.

Kingdom of Pontus

Before the Roman Invasions, Persians and Macedonians were having a great war. Therefore a noble Persian soldier called Mithridates took a fortress near Haldia and he united the people living there. While he was uniting the people they declared him as king. Thus he founded the Kingdom of Pontus. But when the Romans came to Anatolia, Kingdom of Pontus choosed their side with the Romans rather than the Persians and became a client.

Mithridetes VI

However Pontus was a powerful nation and reign. The most powerful and successful king was Mithridates VI. When Romans wanted to annex Pontus, Mithridates started a war with the Roman Empire, and he defeated the three famous Roman general in the Mithridatic War. But later on, one of those three generals, Pompey defeated him in Pontus, he fled to the northern lands across the Black sea. He was hoping that he could raise a new army there but his own son and some nobles rebelled against him. Therefore he commanded to his bodyguard to kill him with his sword and thus he committed suicide. His son wasn't successful as his father and on 62 AD, Kingdom of Pontus joined to the Roman Empire.

Roman Era


In Haldia, the King assings a Prime Minister to form a government cabinet. But also all of the ministers except the Prime Minister have to be confirmed by senate. All laws have to be confirmed by senate and King too. Even so if the King confirms the law, it will be accepted.

Foreign relations

Kingdom of Haldia is improving its diplomatic relationships with all Turkish-based micronations and wants to be recognized by international platform.


Even the most of people speak Turkish, recognize the government Latin as a official language too.

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