Kingdom of Geum

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Kingdom of Geum
금의 왕국

Flag of Geum.png
Coat of arms of Geum.png

천리마의 주
チェオンぃマウイ 樹
(Pegasus state)
골드의 국가
(National anthem of Geum)
Geum claims.png
Capital city Ulleung-do
Largest city Ulleung-do
Official language(s) Korean
Official religion(s) Secular
Short name Geum
Demonym Geumnese
Government Absolute monarchy
- King Kwak Tong-il (2015)
Established 20 July 2015
5 August 2015 (independence)
Disestablished 13 August 2015
Population 1
Currency None
Time zone KST (UTC+9)
National animal Chollima (Korean Pegasus)

Official website (dead link)

Geum, officialy theKingdom of Geum (Korean: 금의 왕국; Geumnese: ゲウム位ワング),is an short-lived island micronation located on a Ulleung-do and Juk-do. Neighboring states include North Korea and China to the north, South Korea to the east and west, Japan to the south. The Geumnese government is based on absolute monarchy. Ulleung-do is the capital city of Geum. Geum established since 20 July 2015 as Shenglinese puppet state and briefly independent for 9 days.