Commonwealth of Ellsworth

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The Commonwealth of Ellsworth is a nation set up originally as Caer Orvin on November 1, 2012, but went through serious changes on the 15th of that year, becoming a Kingdom and changing its land claims to the west of Antarctica. In 2013 it went through government reform and became a commonwealth, with a prime minister as the head. It is a reasonably sized nation, with intents on joining the AMU (Antarctic Micronation Union). Based on the AMU's map, the nation claims number 57.

Ellsworth Summary

Flag of Ellsworth.png

Flag of Ellsworth

Founded 1 November 2012
Location Ellsworth Land, Antarctica
Population 4
Anthem N/A
Largest City New Leinster
Religion None.
Prime Minister Seán S******
Ministers Undisclosed.


The commonwealth is governed by its ministry and the various departments. Its departments include but are not limited to: Education, Health, Science, Tourism, Finance, Infrastructure and Defense. All departments are overseen by the Prime Minister and head of the high court. Each department is run by its minister who is chosen by the Prime Minister or achieves the position through the assistance of a recently resigned or retired minister. All citizens over the age of 30 years, after the resignation of Prime Minister Seán, may be eligible for any ministerial positions and their duties, as outlined in 'Call for the change of the government of Ellsworth'


The Commonwealth dictates its law by its constitution which is upheld by its High Court and its smaller branches. Each law is up to reform should the will of the people wish it as such, which will be shown through a referendum. In the case where the constitution is broken, the High Court shall choose to which action shall be taken to deal with the situations presented. The court has decided, and it is agreed that Marijuana and other common illegal substances shall remain as such, illegal, unless in the exception of marijuana's use in medicinal situations. All beverages sold shall be kept to a maximum of 60% alcohol and no more, although the people may choose to add more if they wish.

Nation claims spot 57.


Derived from the land it rests upon, the Commonwealth formally adopts the name of Ellsworth. It is recognized that its people and property will be referred to formally as 'Eldish' as will its various organisations, national and international.


Currently pertaining no forms of Media, the Commonwealth has proposed the Eldish News and Radio service when the need arises. Both services will be available online, to minimize costs to the nation, almost bringing them to free, meaning all budget assigned to such an area can be used to provide better services.


The Commonwealth is most tolerant of other nations and wishes to avoid conflict at all costs. However the need may arise that forces are required to act in defense or on the premises of foreign affairs, and as such the ENDF (Eldish National Defense Force) is present to rise to the duty of the tasks outlined. Generals are promoted to their position by the Prime Minister and his Minister for Defense, both of who only choose those most loyal to the nation.