Kingdom of Connaught

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Kingdom of Connaught
Connaught flag.png FlagArms of connaught.jpg Coat of Arms

Breathnaithe ag na creidimh
Capital cityAntrane
Largest cityBallinasloe Territory
Official language(s)English, Irish
Official religion(s)Roman Catholicism
GovernmentSemi-Constitutional Monarchy
- MonarchSamuel I
- Monarch and Prime MinisterSamuel I plus (unelected PM)
- Type - Parliament
- Number of seats - 2
- Last election - 01/09/19
Established6th of May 2019
Area claimed20Km²
Population6 Citizens 40-50 Residents
Time zoneGMT+0, (Daylight savings GMT+1)
National animalSheep



Name Annexed Capital Notes
Antrane [1] 4th May 2019 Antrane The Capital of Connaught
The Ballinasloe Territory [2] 1st September 2019 lios garbh The smallest and most populous territory. Made of of two parts
Castlesampson 4th May 2019 Castlesampson Second Most important governmental area
Ballagh 25 July 2019 Ballagh West n/a