Kingdom of Catland

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Kingdom of Catland
Flag of Kingdom of Catland

Never Doubt your Homeland
Oh Catland
Capital city Kitty City
Largest city Kitty City
Official language(s) English, German, Other Minor Languages
Official religion(s) N/A
Short name Catland
Demonym Catlandish
Government National Assembly Constitutional Monarchy Republic
- King Cooper
- Prime Minister Riky
Legislature National Assembly
- Number of seats - 18
Established June 3rd, 2014
Population 47
Currency USD(de facto),CLY(de jure)
Time zone Est
National sport Chess
National dish Lettuce and Tomato sandwich
National drink Ice Tea(Cold) Hot Coco (Hot)
National animal Cat
Catland, officially The Kingdom of Catland(German:Das Reich der KatzeLand) is a self-proclaimed micronation that was founded on June 3 2014


The Kingdom of Catland was founded on June 3rd 2014, a year ago. The Kingdom of Catland had major reforms recently, which consisted of reorganizing the government and looking to create a constituiton, which Catland had lacked previously.


Catland's government is a National Assembly Constitutional Monarchy, also known as a Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy. Catland's Head of State is King Cooper, Catland's Head of Government is Prime Minister Riky. Catland's Legislature is a National Assembly which has 18 seats, most of whom are representing the Cat Party, the only political party in Catland.


The Kingdom of Catland lacks any real military, or police force. It relies on the United States to provide both military and police, as it does not have either the funds, or the people, to possess either service.


Catland has 3 provinces listed below.

  • Capitol Province
  • North Province
  • Norther Province


Catland is named Catland after the Medieval Kingdom of Cat in Northern Day Scotland were the Catland Royal family comes from.


The Blue stands for the Lakes of Catland, Green stands for the Grass and Mountains, the star stands for Freedom, the red stand for Love, the Red stand for blood and the people serving in the Catland Guard.'