Kingdom of Caredolci

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Regno di Caredolci
Flag of Kingdom of Caredolci
Coat of arms of Kingdom of Caredolci
Coat of arms
Anthem: U me Paisi

Largest cityNaples
Official languagesItalian, Sicilian
GovernmentTriarchy (de iure), Military Dictatorship (de facto)
• King
Marco Tumbarello
• Supreme Generals
Marco Tumbarello
EstablishmentMay 2018
• Census
CurrencyItalian Lira
former member of the FederMicroITA

The Kingdom of Caredolci is a virtual micronation founded on May 2018 and it becomes a imaginary country for a project mod of Hearts of Iron 4 game which exist Caredolci as South Italy.

Caredolci claims all the southern regions of Italy, especially Sicily.


Caredolci is born in May 2018 by Marco Tumbarello, under the advice of Samuele Cheli. The country signs up for the new FederMicroITA. After the problems with an italian community on the web, Marco Tumbarello closed his principal contacts and he returns many months after.

During a virtual war, Marco Tumbarello abdicades and his successor declared the end of the micronation.


De iure Caredolci is a triarchy, and civil rights are on the hands of the King/Queen, but the two Supreme Generals have military and penal rights. the King and the two Supreme Generals has all the three powers.

During the period of the existance of Caredolci, the King of Caredolci is The Supreme General. Marco Tumbarello is the only Supreme General.

In July, the supreme general claimed the following colonies:

Italian France, Italian Iberia, Italian Croatia, Italian Serbia, Italian Greece, Italian Turkey, Italian England, Italian Scotland, Italian Ireland, Italian Canada and Italian Columbia. To the following map Map of Caredolcian Empire.