Kingdom of Buralia

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Kingdom of Buralia

Omnia Militum
Turkish Anthem-Mozart
Turkey,Ducie Island,Antarctica
Capital cityBuralay
Largest cityBuralay
Official language(s)Turkish,English,Russian
Ethnic groups% 85.7 Turkish % 14.3 Kyrgyz
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameBuralia
GovernmentGoverment of Buralia
- PresidentAlperen Miraç Bülbül
- KingBuğra I
LegislatureRoyal Council
Population10 (as of 2017 census)
CurrencyTurkish Lira
Time zoneUTC+3
National sportFootball
National animalBudgerigar

Coming Soon

The Kingdom of Buralia (Turkish: Buralya Krallığı) is a micronation. Buğranistan and Cırbülay merged and established this country on 12 November 2017.Population is 10. In many places it will claim. %90 of the people are Turkish and %10 are Kyrgyz. 90% of the public can read and write.

Country management is standard. The king ruled the kingdom equally.It is preparing to export many products to neighboring country Barışıstan. The country was worked on for 6 months and on 12 September 2017 the merger treaty was signed. On November 12, 2017 officially the Kingdom of Buralia was established. According to the 1933 Montevideo Convention, Buralia is recognized as a sovereign state.


The two presidents, Buğra and Alperen, are a combination of the names.


Buralia dates back to February 2015.The country of Alperenistan is an imaginary country and it is still ongoing. In May 2016, Alperen Miraç Bülbül founded a country called Turkestan of Turkey.But he continued to exist for 7 months and was divided into two.These two countries last roughly a year and then these countries united on 12 November 2017.

GENCENİA- The Gencenia country was a micronation that would make Japanese culture alive. But it was a country project. It was in the neighborhood size. But this project lasted 20 days.

TURKEY TURKESTAN CİVİL VAR-Buğran has established his country in Alpenya.The country grew to claim no claim.Başkent Tarim was seized and finally started to make progress in order to demolish the country.The first attack is over with no acceptance of the country. The second attack ended with a victory and Cirbulay was established.

Government and politics

This country is governed by the constitution.King Buğra I, the prime minister is Alperen Miraç Bülbül.

Law and order

Foreign relations

There has not been diplomatic relation yet but diplomatic relations will be established with many micronation.


Buralish police.

There is an army of 4 people and there are 1 helicopter, 2 weapons (nerf), 2 arrows, and they are in the Royal Skylark.

Geography and climate

Mediterranean climate is generally seen in the country.The capital of the country is at the edge of the mountains.Very rarely snow in the country. But this changes in some areas.Only 45% of the country is forested.The capital of the country receives an average rainfall of 687 mm.Only the capital city is here.


Production is usually agriculture.Usually peppers are grown here.Even the tamarind which is a rare plant in the country grows here.Lemonade is a miracle.The currency will be prepared soon.There is a bank in the country, but it is planned to have another new grain. GSYİH is 15.00 TL. But there is a very high growth. The BCB (Buralian Central Bank) is responsible for the economy.


Turkish culture dominates the country.They have their own food called Gülebe.Official languages ​​in the country are Turkish, English and Russian.However, they are mostly spoken in Turkish and there are Turkish books in the library.But the website and the media are english.A little Italian and American culture is reflected in the food.The baklava dessert is very famous.The Kyrgyz people are offering the Kyrgyz mantis to the public to spread the cult.In short, Buralia culture is mixed.


Buralish media

Cırbülay country's media is used Cırbülay news.It is the only newspaper in the country, and important events, opinions and news are transmitted here.The merger was announced here on 12 November 2017.


Name Logo Founded Ideology Seats Leader
Constitutionalism Party Conparty.png 2017 Social democracy
1 / 4
Buğra Bülbül
New Party Newpar2.png 2017 Independent
3 / 4
Alperen Miraç Bülbül


Buralia International Droneport

There is a street in the capital but it is not the kind of car to drive and it is very dangerous for cycling.Therefore, it is only on foot.There are 2 drone helicopters in the country but rarely fly.They fly for defense and sightseeing.Buralia International Droneport work on the onto.The buses run over to the Buralia Bus Authority and they only work sometimes.

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