Kingdom of Bomodus

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Kingdom of Bomodus

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"Fundatur In Die Sabbati" (Founded on a Saturday) (Latin)
Capital cityBedrun City
Official religion(s)None
DemonymBomodian (s)
GovernmentMonarch with Parliament
LegislatureNational Assembly.
Established18 January 2014
Area claimed~30m²
Time zone(GMT+1 minute)

Bomodus, official The Kingdom Of Bomodus, is a landlocked micronation located in South Yorkshire, United Kingdom. It is comprised of 3 states and one overseas territory. The Government is comprised of representatives of each state and territory, as well as the leaders of the various government agencies such as the military, space agency, and overseas departments. The Monarch is the representative for the capital city and have the final say. The Prime Minister is elected every few years and is in charge of the government.


The country was founded on January 18, 2014 by King Michael and then-Prime-Minister Harry. The first territory, Narmuland, was admitted to the nation that very same day. Following this, Bedrun City and Chibus Island were added in February and June 2014 respectively.

In mid 2015, a rebellion group known as the New Republic took control of Bomodus in a military coup. The rebellion was defeated and it's leaders banished from the nation.


Even though Bomodus is dubbed as "The nicest nation on earth", it contains an army of two people. The minister of Defense and one infantryman.


The currency of Bomodus is the Cudaz, which is equal to 75 British Pence.