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Королевство Бесплатна

Spiderman 2: Pizza Theme
Countries/States with Bepistanian Claims
Capital cityWhite Island
Official language(s)Английский, Русский
Official religion(s)Науки
Short nameБепистан
- КорольМатвей Лаптев
- Пример-МинистрJay Clover
- Type - Однопалатный
- Number of seats - 10
EstablishedOctober 5th, 2018
Population40 Обследовано в 2019ом году
CurrencyBepis Dollar (ɃĐ)
Time zoneEST/EDT
National sportN/A
National dishPineapple Pizza
National drinkMoubtain Dew Voltage
National animalHouse Cat, Plecostomus, Parakeet
National exportChemicals, Merchandise, and Small Electronics

Bepistan Official Site

«Королевство Бепистана» - это микронация, основанная 5ого октября 2018 года. Она в основном базируется в Нью-Йорке, но имеет зарубежные претензии в России. Бепистан - конституционная монархия, управляемая Мэтью Лаптевым с Джей Клевером в качестве премьер-министра. В Бепистане ещё нет физических офисов, и все государственные вопросы решаются на виртуальном сервере Дискорд.

Дискорд-Сервер Бепистана


The name Bepistan is a combination of a misspelling of the word "Pepsi" and the ending of many middle-eastern countries such as Kekistan.


  • October 5, 2018- Bepistan is founded with claims of a small island in Brooklyn.
  • April 2, 2019 The Bepistan Reform Act is signed, drastically changing the government.

Политические Партии

Вот список политических партий в Бепистане:

Партия Эмблема Глава Партии Политический Спектр Идеологии Парламент
Мульти-Микронациональная Коммунистическая Партия М.М.К.П. MMKP.png Matthew Laptev Far Left Communist
0 / 10
Republican Party of Bepistan R.P.B. Placeholder.png Jay Clover Far Right Wing/Conservatist Placeholder
0 / 10

Citizenship and Entry

Logo of the Ministry of Immigration

Immigration and entry into Bepistan are controlled by the Bepistan Ministry of Immigration. Bepistan has several different entry permits, including permanent Citizenship, temporary Visa, and Diplomatic entry. Applications for these forms are listed below. Citizenship is permitted to anyone, but temporary and diplomatic entry is only allowed to countries that aren't on the non-recognized list.

Applying for entry is easy and only takes a minute or two.

Prime Ministers

A Minister is someone who is in charge of the government, not the country. Being a relatively new nation, Bepistan does not have a long history of Ministers.

Portrait Name Term of Office Political Party
1 A special ed kid named nick.jpg Jay Clover 5 October 2018 26 January 2019 Republican
Initially hired as the Prime Minister of Bepistan, until his sudden leave.
2 RussellGzm.png Russell Gilzem 27 January 2019 21 February 2019 Liberal
Took the position after Clover had left, but was later fired for inactivity.
3 A special ed kid named nick.jpg Jay Clover 21 February 2019 Incumbent Republican
Clover was brought back after Gilzem was fired.


Bepis Dollar
Ruble Example.png
Official usersKingdom of Bepistan
Unofficial usersNone
Pegged toUSD - $1.00
Banknotes1 ɃĐ, 5 ɃĐ, 10 ɃĐ, 20 v, 50 ɃĐ, 100 ɃĐ
Central bankBank of Bepistan

Bepistan's currency is called the Bepis Dollar, with the symbol ɃĐ. 10,000 total ɃĐ are planned to be issued in 2019. By Bepistan law, it is illegal to destroy or void currency by removing the holographic sticker, and to deface currency.

The main source of revenue for Bepistan is online sales of merchandise, chemicals synthesized by Bepistan Chemical Corporation, and electronics manufactured by the Bepistan Techological Corporation.

Currency and government spending are managed by the Department of Economy and Finance (BDEF), and sales made in or by Bepistan are managed by the Department of Trade and Commerce (BDTC).

The Bank of Bepistan is managed by the Ministry of Economics, and has control over the economy and spending. People can make, manage, and send money with their accounts.

Bank of Bepistan

Government and Politics

Bepistan is a constitutional monarchy, ruled by a Permanent King and a Prime Minister. As mentioned above, the King controls the state, while the prime Minister controls the government.

Portrait Name Term of Office Political Party
1 TWarnerPortrait.png Matthew Laptev 5 October 2018 30 March 2019 Communist
First King of Bepistan, until he quit, handing over the position of king to Christopher Kim.
1 125px Christopher Kim 360 March 2019 Incumbent Communist
Second King of Bepistan.

Law and Order

Bepistan is ruled by one king until they pass away, when a new king will be elected if they did not specify an heir to the throne.

Administrative Regions

Name Flag Capital Area in m² (ft²)
Royal Residence BepistanRoyalFlag.png N/A 1,248.22 (13,435.68)
South White Island WIflag.png Laptavia 310,601.00
Canarsie Pol and Surrounding Islands PlaceholderFlag.png Queens
Bay Ridge Branch MTALongIslandRailRoad.png Brooklyn 586,762.26
Staten Island Railroads PlaceholderFlag.png Staten Island
Bay 0 Bay0.png Brighton Beach 3,189.73
Claimed Overseas Territories
Aluminiy NewAluminiyFlag.png Shelekhov 7,765
Datcha DatchaFlag.png Shelekhov
Petomnik PetomnikFlag.png Nizhneudinsk
Dvor DvorFlag.png Nizhneudinsk 12,600.28
Total Area in m²: 920918.66

South White Island

An aerial view of White Island.
Closer look of Cape Vasya on the southern tip of White Island

Canarsie Pol and Surrounding Islands

LIRR Bay Ridge Branch

Staten Island Railroads


Bepistan has several ministries which are used to fulfill different purposes in the country of Bepistan. The ministries are accountable for managing a certain part of a country, such as immigration, transportation, trade, and labor. Ministries originally started out as departments untiol the implementation of the Bepistan Reform Act.

Ministry Emblem Minister
Ministry of Economics MOC
Ministry of Foreign Relations MOFR
Ministry of Immigration MOI
Ministry of Justice MOJ
Ministry of Labor MOL
Ministry of Transportation MOT

Ministry of Economics

Ministry of Foreign Relations

Ministry of Immigration

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Labor

Ministry of Transportation

Foreign Relations

Unilateral Recognition

Formal Recognition

Bepistan Does Not Recognize

  • New Nerdystan.png Nerdystan (December 15, 2018) (Defunct) Considered simulationist.
  • RODflag.jpeg Republic of Discord (November 1, 2018) Considered only a community/roleplay nation (simulationist) after several people applied for diplomatic status.
  • Dornamataiflag.png The Kingdom of Dornamatai (December 12, 2018) Considered only a community/roleplay nation (simulationist) after leader requested diplomatic status.

National Holidays

Date Name Notes
October 5 Foundation Day The day Bepistan was officially created.
October 31 King's Day A day commemorating the first King of Bepistan on his birthday.
December 31 New Years Eve The last day of the year, when people look back on their accomplishments and set new goals for the future.
January 1 New Years Day The start of a New Year.
March 4 Day of Pets A day to celebrate all pets.


Bepistan does not currently have a military as there is no use for it and relations with other countries are stable.

Geography and Climate

The Kingdom of Bepistan was originally based in Brooklyn, New York, where it claimed an island in the middle of Marine Park, Since then, the kingdom has expanded to Staten Island, another borough of NYC, where it claimed leftover, unused, and abandoned lines and infrastructure of the Staten Island Railway, and some islands off the coast of Far Rockaway, a peninsula in the borough of Queens.

Bepistan also has overseas clams in Russia.



Bepistan's current and only news source is the Bepistan News. It can be found on the Bepistan official site.


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