Kingdom of Beachland

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Kingdom Beachland

Terra Unito Beach (Italian)
La Terre Uni de Plage (French)

Koninkrijk Strandland (Dutch)

Beachland flag.png

Celebrate the Party
Our Beach Country
Capital city Beach Town
Largest city Beach Town
Official language(s) Spainish, Italian, French, Dutch.
Official religion(s) None
Short name Beachland
Demonym Beach Peoples
Government Constitutional monarchy
- King Rolf Van Volen
- Queen Eefke Ooms
Legislature Raad
- Number of seats - 5
Established 2014
Population 42
Currency Euro
Time zone CET + 1
National sport Soccer, Badminton
National dish Fried potatos
National animal Panter

Kingdom of Beachland is founded as a micronation of beach party's, and it is a Kingdom and it is populair for the Dutch peoples and the peoples of Beachland they speak Spainish, Italian and French.