Kingdom of Batu

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Kingdom of Batu
The Flag for the Kingdom of Batu
The Coat of Arms for the Kingdom of Batu

The Aurora in our skies, Independence in our hearts
Location: Guinea-Bissau, Greenland
Capital cityNyøy-Batuland(73°15' N 56°44' W)
Largest cityNyøy-Batuland
Official language(s)English
Recognised languagesGreenlandic, Norwegian, German, Turkish, Portugese
GovernmentSemi-Anarcho Monarchy
- High KingBulut Batu I
- High QueenUnknown
Established28 October 2018
Current status: Active

The Kingdom of Batu is a micronation founded on 28 October 2018 by High King Bulut Batu I. The government of the Kingdom is a Semi-Anarcho Monarchy. The Kingdom is described as being "between cold Aurora Borealis and warm West-Africa".


On the 28 October 2018 the Kingdom of Batu was officially founded by High King Bulut Batu I.


The Kingdom of Batu consists of four islands separated into two different island groups, the North Group and the South Group. The North Group consists of two islands, one of which is the capital island "Nyøy-Batuland", which is located at 41 km far away from the East Coast of Greenland. The coordinates of the capital(Nyøy-batuland) are 73°15' N 56°44' W. The size of capital island is 0,001 km². The other island in the North Group is Snøfnugg Øya, and its size is only 200 m². The distance between the two islands of the North Group is only 100 meters. The distance to closest city in Greenland "Innaarsuit" is 25 km away from the Kingdom of Batu. The strait between the two islands of North Island Group is called ´´Blålys Strait``. The South Group is located 29 km far away from the coast of the island of the Rio Cacine region in Guinea-Bissau. The coordinates of the capital of the South Island Group (Rokkeøy) are 10°36' N 15°22' W and it is located 1,1 km far away from Ile de Naufrage island of Guinea Bissau. Its size is 0,007 km² and with its size, it is the biggest island in the Kingdom of Batu. The other island in the South Group is Regndråpe Øya and its size is 0,0012 km².The strait between the two islands of Regndråpe and Rokkeøy is called “Pluton Strait” with a distance of 2.8 km between them. The distance between the two island group capitals of Nyøy-Batuland and Rokkeøy is 7460 km. There are no sources of fresh water on any of the islands. The geological structure of the islands has not been investigated.


Coat of Arms

The color white symbolises the polar climate around the capital city. The color blue symbolises the Atlantic Ocean in which the Kingdom of Batu is located, as well as the localised and rare Blue Aurora Borealis which can be seen from the capital of the Kingdom of Batu, Nyøy-Batuland. The snowflake in the center symbolises appreciation for our snowy, polar climate.


Not much is known about the flag of the Kingdom of Batu, but is theorized that the colors blue and white represent similar values as in the Coat of Arms. The white star in the center of the flag could be Polaris, the North Star.


The North Group

  • Nyøy-Batuland(Capital)
  • Snøfnugg Øya

The South Group

  • Rokkeøy(Capital)
  • Regndråpe Øya

Government and politics

The government structure is that of a Semi-Anarcho Monarchy. The Rulers of the Kingdom are the High King and the High Queen from the Family of Batu.

Foreign relations

The Kingdom of Batu is not currently involved in foreign relations with any nation.


The Kingdom of Batu has a news thread on its Official Website: