Kingdom of Aurumia

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Not to be confused with Kingdom of Aurumia.
Kingdom of Aurumia (Eng)
Краљевина Аурумија (Serb)

Flag of Aurumia.jpgAurumian Coat of Arms.png

Deo Volente
(By God's Will)
Capital city Alexandria
Official language(s) English, Serbian
Official religion(s) none
Demonym Aurumian
Government w:Parliamentary Monarchy
- King Alexander
Legislature Parliament of Aurumia.
Established 27 February 2016.
Area claimed Unknown
Population 0
Currency Dinar (official)

Aurumia, officially the Kingdom of Aurumia (w:Serbian language: Краљевина Аурумија), is a micronation.Aurumia is an parliamentary monarchy, with the monarch sharing the power with the parliament. The kingdom consists of two cities,capital Alexandria and Milan,and counties Marna,Red Peony,Jordan,Lada,Rod.

Kingdom of Aurumia is established on 27th February 2016,by King Alexander.

The Kingdom will start on 27th February 2025.

Royal Family

HM King Alexander of Aurumia

HRH Crown Princess Alexandra of Aurumia,Duchess of Red Peony,Baroness Antonijević(in Empire of Pavlov)

HRH Princess Gordana,The Princess Mother

HRH Prince Svetozar,The Prince Father

by the Grace of God, King of Aurumia,Grand Duke of Alexandria,Count of Marna,Head of the State, Defender of the Faith.


HM The King Alexander(27 February 2016-)

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Kingdom of Aurumia
Regnal Titles
Preceded by
Proclaimed King of Aurumia
New title King of Aurumia
27 February 2016
Succeeded by
Crown Princess Alexandra