Kingdom of Astroika

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The Kingdom of Astroika is a micronation founded on 10 July 2014 and is located in the State of Western Australia. It is completely landlocked by Australia and has a population of 7 citizens.


The name "Astroika" originates from a fictional nation of the same name created by the King for a forum-based role-playing game called NationStates.

Government and politics

The Government of Astroika is an Absolute Monarchy with the King having full control over all aspects of life in the nation, it is very similar to a Dictatorship.

Law and order

The Royal Astroikan Police Force (RAPF) are responsible for enforcing law and maintaining order within Astroika, if a citizen is arrested for a crime they are put on trial with the King acting as Judge.


The Royal Astroikan Defense Force (RADF) are responsible for defending the nation against foreign invasion. It is split into two branches, The Royal Astroikan Army (RAA) and the Royal Astroikan Air Force (RAAF). There is currently no Navy due to the fact that Astroika is fully landlocked.


Astroika currently controls 11.7m² of land, although over 200m² has been claimed by the nation.


Due to Astroika being a young micronation, it's culture is largely influenced by Australian culture. Astroika currently celebrates two national holidays, Independence Day on The 10th of June and Topin Wagglegammon

Foreign relations

Astroika currently has not established foreign relation with any other micronations.