Kingdom of Arum

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Short Description

The Kingdom of Arum (Gold) was started on the 29th of July 2017 by its raining Monarch King Liam of Arum. it was a former member of both the Macahdon Republic [1] and the Republic of Liam, which it claims to be the successors to. it has already expanded to have around 50% of the land once in the Republics and has already incorporated many far of territories (even if it doesn't have the capacity to Govern them).

Provence's of the Kingdom:

Capital Region (Population 5)

Fords County (Population 1)

Woolend (Population 0)

Vernland (Population 2)

Jacksvile (Population 4)


Originally founded as the Republic of Macahdon [2] around half-way through 2016 it Quickly fell apart due to immediate Political inactivity in all parties, Realizing that a small republic doesn't work well as micronation Future king Liam of house Griffin started a coup which quickly assumed control of the republic, Reforming it into the Republic of Liam a Military dictatorship this state operated far more efficiently by dealing away with the old system (Oligarchy) and issuing a actual currency, a decision that would eventual contribute to the collapse of the Republic, it ruled for roughly 1 month during June 2016.

It had lost some provinces during the war but it was mostly intact and more powerful then its predecessor, it looked to be working out it had conscripted 80% of its population into the army, but after the first week of ruling a problem had risen, their where a large contingent of rebels fighters loyal to the Deposed houses and the Royal guard were becoming increasingly deceitful and showed signs of forming their own rebel group, this was later found to be true when around 50% of the military joined Joined the peoples liberation force led by former Royal guard Mitchel.

The war quickly broke down into a stalemate with no side possessing enough forces to take any territory, as any territory taken would mean their would be a lack of defenders in another Provence allowing that land to be taken, due to the constant state of war the national currency crashed (as it was being used by all sides) the war could no longer be sustained leading to the collapse of the entire Republic eventual some of the former Macahdon Republic Houses would emerge as individual states with many of their past grievances forgotten.

One of these was Griffon which would eventually become the Kingdom of Arum with the goal of re-uniting the Republic under a King and expand the Kingdom to be bigger then any of its predecessors.

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