Kingdom of Antarctica

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Kingdom of Antartica
Kingdom of Antarctica flag - Copy.pngAntrartica.png

From Small beginnings starts greatness
Capital city Niclingrad
Largest city Niclingrad
Official language(s) English
Demonym Antartican
Government Monarchy
Legislature Council of Ministers
Established 17th Augest 2013
Population 0
Currency GBP pound
Diplomatic relations will not begin until steps 1,2 and 3 have been completed

The Kingdom of Antarctica was founded on the 17th Augest 2013 (date added to microwiki). The Kingdom of Antarctica is planned to work as a fully independent country. Kingdom of Antarctica is planned to work with a Monarchy with 1 Head of Kingdom of Antarctica and it is planned for there to be Upwards of 17 Ministers for every aspect of Kingdom of Antarctica all of which being watched by the Monarch.


1. Create a Worthy page.

2. Generate Funds for 1st colony - named Niclingrad (said Nic-lin-grad.)

3. Expand Niclingrad to support permanent population.

4. Begin Diplomatic relations with other micro nations to propose them joining the Kingdom of Antarctica.

5. Form a request of membership to the UN and work towards getting recognised.

6. Expand Niclingrad to allow for growing facilities and support increasing size.

7. Work on allowing people to join and get Citizenship in the Kingdom of Antarctica