Kingdom of Andala

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Kingdom of Andala
Flag of the Kingdom of Andala

To be announced
Official language(s) Esperanto, English, Swedish
Government Democratical Monarchy
- King HM King Hayden George Moyle I
Established 2010
Area claimed ~2,7 sq/km
Population 18 (as of January 2013 census)
Time zone (UTC)
National sport Cricket


The Kingdom of Andala is a creative community disguised as a Micronation of Design and architecture which is currently cyber-based. The Kingdom is committed to the encouragement of good and practical design with an aesthetic appeal worthily fit to that of modern-day royalty. The Kingdom of Andala was created on the 25th of May 2010 by Hayden Moyle, deemed His Majesty King Hayden George Moyle the First (I) (23 November 1994-)The 25th of May has now been claimed as Andala Day or the day of independence. Knighthoods and other titles are awarded to citizens that can introduce original designs with notable simplicity and usability. Our eventual goal is to produce the designs offered by our citizens in the name of the Kingdom.


The Kingdom of Andala's History consists of its founding on the 25th of May, 2010.

Government and politics

Andala's government is ruled by a Democratic Monarchy with King Hayden George Moyle the First (I) as the ruler and head. There is no parliament but the voice of the people is heard very clearly in commonly occurring elections in favour of particular bills and changes within the Kingdom.

Law and order

There is no current law nor enforcement due to the lack of citizens. Although there are some generic rules which are as follows: 1.Everyone should be excellent to each other 2.Everyone must do their part in encouraging good design 3.Every citizen is entitled to imagination and creative thinking

Foreign relations

The Kingdom of Andala is an international nation with many international citizens. Everyone is an ambassador in their own right. List of macronations icluded within the nation: Australia, Sweden, USA, Canada, Norway, New Zealand, The UK and Finland.


The arts, design and architecture are the largest part of Andalan culture. Language is also a large part of it, as there are many different languages spoken within the nation. The largest and most commonly spoken though, are: English and Swedish. The official language of Andala is Esperanto for its international properties and simple learning capabilities.