Kingdom of Alexandria

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The Kingdom of Alexandria

"Bravery and strength!"
Sydney, Australia
Capital city Adella
Largest city Adella
Official language(s) English
Demonym Alexandrian
- King King James Cook I
Area claimed 1km²
Population 12
Currency Alexandrian Dollar ($)
Time zone (UTC+10)

Government website

The Kingdom of Alexandria is a micronation founed on July 28 2011 by King James Cook I and his friends.


The micronation is named after the city of Alexandria in Egypt.


Alexandria was founded on July 28 2011 by King James Cook I and his subjects. They were dissatisfied with the bad politics in Australia and want to secede and start a new country without these politics. After the holidays most citizens became inactive but some stayed and make up the current government.

Government and politics

The King is the head of State and head of government and can appoint ministers to the government. Dukes, lords and barons can also help in government but they are mainly for the provinces.

The government is sort of Communist but not entirely.

Foreign relations

Alexandria is a member of TASPAC.

Mutual recognition


The Royal Alexandrian Army, the Royal Alexandrian Air Force and the Royal Alexandrian Navy are all in the Royal Alexandrian Defence Force. The king is the commander in chief and has the rank of general. Lord Johnson is the Chief of the Army.

Geography and climate

Magpies are found in Alexandria.

Alexandria is in Sydney, Australia and has a moderate climate. Sometimes severe hailstorms and very high temperatures can occur.