Kingdom of Aguavia

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The Kingdom of Aguavia is a Nation surrounded by Australia, more commonly referred to as a Micronation.

The Kingdom of Aguavia was founded on the 1st of March, by 2 people. His Majesty King Rory I, and Her Royal Highness, Grand Duchess Katrina I (Heir) and has been elected Prime Minister.

On the 10th of March, Lord Matthew, Count of Terentia and Lady Emma, Countess of Swalavia, were inducted as citizens, and soon after, Lady Rubi, Baroness of Glochenspeer.

Her Ladyship Rubi became Undersecretary to his Majesty and briefly served as Chancellor from the 20th of March until 26 March. Rory I quickly found a suitable Regent, inducting Sir Kaydan, Regent of Aguavia.

The Government was opened on the 14 March, with 3 sitting members, Sir Kaydan, HM and HRH Katrina. Soon, Sir Joshua was instated Major of the Aguavia Special Detachment Force (ASDF). Lord Tobin, on 3 April, was Appointed Undersecretary to the Foreign Affairs Minister.

HRH Katrina I, has officially been elected publicly, as she begins her 48-month term.

We recently have had Strife with the Karno-Ruthenian Empire, with threatening Emails from them.

Our Anthem is: God Save the King!