Kingdom Of Ahwaz

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Kingdom Of Bandaria



There Is No God But Allah

Anthem National anthem of Example

Bandaria, KOA

Capital city Bandaria Largest city Bandaria Official language(s) Arabic, English Official religion(s) Islam Short name Ahwaz Demonym Examplian Government Example King-Bandar al kaabi Crown Prince-Ahmad al kaabo Absolute monarchy

Established 1931 Area claimed Bir Tawil Population Bani Kaab And Bani Khalid Tribes (as of 1931 census) Currency Bandarian Riyal Time zone (UTC) National sport Soccer National animal Lion Patron saint None This nation is a member of the Gulf Micronation Council GMC

Government website TBA The Kingdom Of Bandaria is a micronation founded on ((February 3, 1931 in Bir Tawil)). Contents [hide] TBA Etymology TBA History Bandaria was founded by Jabir al kaabi and was managed by the al kaabi family and continues to to this day Government and politics TBA Law and order TBA Foreign relations TBA Military The Bandarian Royal defence forces is Made up Of the Bani kaab soldiers and Bani Khalid soldiers Geography and climate TBA Economy TBA Culture TBA Media TBA See also 12 External links Etymology ((The name was made by my ancestor jabir al kaabi)) History ((Liberation Day Is On Feb 3rd )) Government and politics Our Twitter is BandariaORG Law and order ((We are based on sharia law)) Foreign relations ((Relatives that have a governmental position in qatar and kuwait)) Military ((We are based on the bani kaab and bani khalid tribesmen)) Geography and climate

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